Four Color to Fantasy: Missing Super Powers


In example 1 for using hero points instead of magic items it lists Ageless but I cant find it anywhere in the rest of the document.

And in the Mighty Lifting power it lists Heroic Strength as a prerequisite but it also dosent apear anywhere else in the document.

But apart from these minor quibbles this is absolutly briliant great work!
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I'm almost sure that Heroic Strength was the original name for Heightened Strength...
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Horacio's right about Heroic Strength being Heightened Physical Ability - Strength. Ageless got misplaced and lost somewhere in the revisions. I think I was planning to change the name from Ageless to Immunity to Aging, but then I decided against it, and I ended up losing the text and not realizing it.

It has a base rank of 1, and basically gives you the monk's ability to not suffer the penalties of aging, though you still die when your time is up. For 1 more rank, you just don't die of old age; only injury or violence can kill you.

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