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Half-Elf+Elf=Elf. I read this in the 2nd Edition FR Campaignsetting. But It was not described in the RoF or only unsatisfactorily. So my problem is, that I have a controversy with someone, who means Half-Elf+Elf makes Half-Elf. Also old sources would have no more validity for him.

Can somebody answer my question or show me in detail the Half-Elf heritage? Or know someone still further official sources in addition or statements from the Designer/Developer to this problem? Thx :)

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I seem to remember it the way that you do, that is, half-elf and elf yields elves, or dominant bloodline prevails. I know there is at least one community in the FR of half elves interbreeding with half elves and yielding strait half elves, which is different than core.


I remember from one of the 2nd Ed FR books (Cormanthyr or something like that) where they claimed that 0% human and 100% elf made an elf, 1-50% human and 50-99% elf made a half-elf and if they had more than 50% human in their blood the result would be a human.

Thus a elf breeding with a half elf would produce another half elf. This is the explenation that allowed me to accept half elf communities, and not a human-elven community with several half elves.

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