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I have several elven nations in my homebrew setting. The elves, or Aruva-ka in the Elder tongue, originally lived in the fey realm millennia ago until a magical pandemic nearly decimated their numbers. To survive the plague, they fled in successive waves to the mortal realm, exiling the afflicted from their numbers.

The Ílyape of the Chukau mountain range, known as the Grey or Mountain Elves, have a vaguely Incan-like nation and architecture, and worship the sky-deity Ashputa, the Sky-King. They live on the surface of the mountain range while the Chukau dwarves live within the depths of the mountains. The two species created a shared, egalitarian nation ruled by a senate composed of both species. They use High Elf stats.

The Sovane of the Great Sovani Forest, known as the Wood Elves, live in great tree cities within the interior of the Sovani. Gregarious and outgoing, they freely trade with non-elven nations. They use Wood Elf stats.

The Thálánde of the Isle of Thálándar, known as the Sea Elves due to their nautical prowess as maritime traders or as Moon Elves due their primary deity being the moon goddess Namira. They live in a monarchal society with supported by several noble houses and live in port cities as well as crystal spire cities within the Gálióst Forest. They use High Elf stats.

The Yavane of the Kangani rainforest, known as the Selva Elves, are a fairly reclusive tribal folk that practice an animistic religion with shamanic priests (druids in game terms). They use Wood Elf stats.

The Twénde of the Great Scar known variously as Ghost Elves, the Tainted, and the Afflicted by outsiders (though they loathe being called elves, considering it an insult). They are the descendants of the elves of the fey realm that survived the great pandemic and fled to the mortal realm. Their society is theocratic, dedicated to the entity known as Záldwikýr, the Dweller in Shadows, who they attribute saving them from the Great Plague. Though xenophobic, they will hire themselves out as mercenaries, spies, and assassins. They use Dark Elf stats.

Note: The vowels with the acute mark have a different phoneme that non-acute vowels (and aren’t there just for show).

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