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Jeff Wilder

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I have an adventure for 7th-level PFRPG PCs. This is an adventure I originally wrote for 3.5, but I've now converted it an updated it for PF. The caveats:

(1) Being intended as a convention game, it's linear and rail-roadish. I think the rails are hidden fairly well, especially with a good GM and cooperative players, but it is what it is. If you're a GM who never railroads, and/or you have players who refuse to bite on huge adventure hooks, this adventure won't work for you.

(2) Being intended as a convention game, the challenges are customized for the pregen PCs. Other PCs may find that several parts of the adventure are too easy, impossible, or simply bypassable.

(3) If you run this, please shoot me notes on it. I will be playtesting it once before GenCon, but I can use whatever additional feedback I get. It should run in 5 hours, once players are settled.

(4) It is designed to use various Paizo flip-mats, as indicated in the notes. You can use your own maps, and some encounters have maps provided, but where a flip-mat is used, no other maps are provided. (For those with extensive DDM collections, I've also indicated appropriate minis for each encounter.)

(5) I have all the PFRPG books, so you might run into little rules that you don't recognize, if you don't have the books. (E.g., the BBEG is an inquisitor, from APG.)

(6) It's in Word 2003 format, though I can also send it in PDF format (which is how the PCs will come with it).

If you'd like the adventure, please send me email at

jeff dot wilder at yahoo dot com

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