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Free Carnival Row RPG from Nerdist & Monte Cook Games

Nerdist, using Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System, has just released a surprise free official RPG for Amazon's "dark neo-noir fantasy thriller", Carnival Row TV series. You can download it directly from Nerdist.


It's a free 36-page PDF, and uses Monte Cook Games' Cypher System, and was written by screenwriter and Carnival Row creator Travis Beacham.

"Your favorite new TV show is now your favorite new tabletop role-playing game. Say hello to the official Carnival Row RPG and assemble your friends because we’re making the game available to everyone for free.

Nerdist teamed up with Monte Cook Games, Legendary Television, and Amazon Studios to develop an original RPG set in the universe of Carnival Row, which you can watch right now on Amazon Prime. Based on Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System, this sourcebook will allow you to tell tales of magic, mystery, and murders most foul with original characters of your own design, as well as familiar faces from the series. The RPG is incredibly accessible to tabletop gamers of all skill levels and offers a wide array of ways to create compelling narratives set within the wildly imaginative universe of Carnival Row.

You can download the game manual right now, but if you’d like to see how the Carnival Row RPG actually works, then you can watch this exclusive one-shot adventure run by series creator Travis Beacham. Starring Dan Casey, Erika Ishii, Aliza Pearl, and Amy Vorpahl as the characters they created in our amazing behind-the-scenes series Into Carnival Row, this raucous group of unlikely allies must race against time to recover a faerish relic before it falls into the wrong hands."
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I only watched the first episode of the series and wasn't interested enough to continue. But I'm finding this setting pdf to be evocative enough that maybe I'll give the show another chance and watch a second episode.
The PDF has done it's job :) I liked the series well enough. I have Amazon Prime and anyway I'm patiently (or not so) waiting for the Expanse Season 4. This is a good promotional idea for the series. It being primarily fluff makes it adaptable, with varying levels of success, to people's favorite systems. Nicely done, Amazon.

I suspect I'd prefer a D&D limited series on a streaming service like Amazon or Netflix to any upcoming movie to be honest. Then WotC could do tie ins for cross promotion of the series and the game itself. I can but dream...


I ran a weird west game with D&D back in the day was very great, people it is not the system it is the dm. I can run anything using the D&D system and it works just fine. I have a space sci fi setting i am making aliens races for right now. And did run a modern setting with low magic, and use the d20 modern and adapted it ti 5th, i really think it is just the lack of knowledge of the system and people just not wanting to put the work into it. My take on this is the pix are elfs with wings, togs are orges, and not and the others can be ported straight over. but i like making things as a dm i guess.

The pdf is a great source book (for being free) that includes a lot more info than expected. Great for fans of the show too (like me).

As for the game system, I’m not familiar with Cypher not looking for a new one to purchase and learn. My initial reaction was Cortex Prime but Unisystem (Ghosts of Albion/Buffy/Angel) would probably be a near perfect fit.

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