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Krillo’s Tomb is a ready to play adventure that contains printable handouts, maps, and miniatures. It contains four simplified character sheets for four players, making it perfect as an introductory game, a one-shot adventure, or a supplement to an ongoing campaign.

Its as easy as Print, Cut, Assemble, Play! Its free here!

Krillo’s Tomb is a one-shot adventure for four level 3 characters. The adventurers are hired to enter into a catacomb to discover the treasures inside before a rival faction of thieves can get there first. Their employer, a goblin named Krillo, offers them all of the treasure that they find inside, and only asks to keep the relics and magic items. Can the heroes enter into Krillo’s Tomb and escape with their lives? There’s only one way to find out!
This adventure is broken up into 6 scenes and an introduction, which are divided up between three maps which are used multiple times as the scenes change.

Krillo’s Tomb uses Stealth Mechanics and Code Breaking Mechanics not found in the source material. The PCs are able to use stealth to sneak past guards, and use it to hide from the vicious monsters that await them in Krillo’s Tomb. The PCs are also able to break a code of dwarvish texts, written in the dwarvish language. They must interpret the meanings of messages hidden throughout the tomb to aid them in discovering riches and danger alike.

Krillo's Tomb is Free now on Drivethrurpg.

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