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D&D General Friday Fun: Merge Two Monsters

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Victoria Rules
There have been wars fought (I know, I DMed them!) over whether a Human-Halfling crossbreed should be called a Quarterling or a Threequarterling.


Steeliest of the dragons
Troll + Orc

I give you the dreaded... Trork.

BEEEWARRRRE its special attacks...the endlessly regenerating baleful booty shake!


Steeliest of the dragons
I give you the very rare black dragon sub-type, the dreaded... Diamond Black

A diamondback rattlesnake and a black dragon. Extra bite attack (from speed or strike), venomous bite in addition to its acid breath...and a rattlling tail, extra cudgel damage from its tail strike.


Steeliest of the dragons
From the depths of the Plane of Shadows and the eternal, rejuvenating chill of necrotic energy, the very of wings of death. I give you...


A shadow + roc (+phoenix).


Steeliest of the dragons
Ok...I"m gettin' in a zone (that I'm sure many would wish I exited)...but I've been working on [fantastic] "animals" for my homebrew setting, lately...

A giant porcupine and a rhino. I give you, the quill-shooting behemoth, the bashful bane of the plain...

The Spine-oceros!


A goblin crossed with Linda the Innkeeper. The goblin blood has made her less ornery and more pleasant to be around. The new, weird snickering when she takes your coin is a little creepy though.

Beholdragonithid. A gem dragon whose head is that of a beholder-illithid.

Good news: No elemental breath.
Bad news: Massive mind blast/psychic breath attack
Good news: Cental eye negates magic effects
Bad news: Psionics are different
Good news: Breath weapon/mind blast is on a shared recharge
Bad news: Eye stalks are not on a recharge
Good news: No disintegrate, inflict, petrify, or energy drain eye stalks
Bad news: Insanity, feeblemind, dominate, and stun eye stalks
Good news: Tentacles mean no bite attack
Bad news: Tentacle attacks mean brain extraction

Iron rusted golem
Basilich, don’t look at him
Krakenku, is it a bird, is it a fish, ho my god run!
Shadrow, an elven undead of the dark
Skelettin, a starved Ettin, very in need of a lunch
Roperyton, fangs are not enough to hunt, use tendrils instead!
Stirgrell, an abomination that fall from the ceiling.
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