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Does anyone have any experience with Frostgrave? I'm looking for a faster paced, skirmish, fantasy miniatures game (when compared to Age of Sigmar). Just wondering how it stacks up.

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Frostgrave is a marvelous game we play all the time. You can have a great time and a lot of gaming time with just the base book. It is also very reasonably priced for a hardback.

The background world is sparsely described, but evocative.

You create a wizard that leads a warband into the frozen city looking for artifacts and magical secrets. The followers of the wizard are all standard soldiers with different abilities and specialties, but they stay the same throughout a campaign. The only figures that gain experience throughout the campaign are the wizard and his apprentice.

The game really shines in campaign mode. One of the things I like a lot about the game is how balanced it stays because advances in warbands are fairly gradual. A wizard that has been on ten missions is not going to overwhelm a new wizard.

The mechanics are quick and intuitive. The standard board size is 36" x 36" and you can really load that space up with terrain. I have had a dozen folks come over with six boards going on at once in my house for a mini campaign, and it has been great.

None of the other books or accessories are required. However, I quite like the campaign books, but my favorite accessory is the card set called Ulterior Motives. They are cards you draw before a scenario that gives each side little extra goals in a scenario - it adds a lot of variety to even the most basic scenarios.

One of the big advantages over AoS is you can use any miniatures you want. That's a boon for me, because I have a huge collection of older figures that all work well for the game.

As you can probably tell I am a big fan of the game.

The author, Joseph McCullough, has another game called Rangers of Shadow Deep. It is also a skirmish miniatures game. The difference is in this game the players work cooperatively against the scenario. It also works really well for solo play. Started playing it a few months ago and we really have a good time every time.

Both of these games play really quickly. A standard skirmish in Frostgrave takes us about 45 minutes to an hour to play.

I like the AoS rules, but I'm not keen on the background (or the figure prices ;) ). The coolest aspect of Frostgrave is the campaign mode, although one-offs are enjoyable. Have not really touched AoS since we started playing Frostgrave.


Sounds cool (haha). I ordered the book.
Awesome! There is a big Frostgrave following around the Chicagoland area, but the great thing about the game is it is intuitive and easy to teach. You can get games up and running very quickly. There are some great free online resources for the game too! Enjoy.


You also might want to look at Ghost Archipelago which uses basically the same system. Your party leader probably isn't a wizard, and the adventures are in tropical islands rather than an arctic city, but it's also a very nice game.

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