5E Funny item interactions


Expert Long Rester
I was reading over the Hammer of Thunderbolts description in the 5e DMG today and noticed some funniness.

Per the text a character can throw the Hammer, but it does not return to their hand like a Dwarven Thrower would. You going to have to walk over and pick it up . Good thing the range is 20/60.

Speaking of the range if a character throws it within that 20ft range and it hits I think they'll have to make a Constitution saving throw vs being stunned just like any other creature within 30ft.

Lastly since the item grants +1 bonus to hit and damage and a +4 to Strength if you are attuned to and holding it, you have a better chance to hit holding it in one hand and attacking with a +2 or +3 weapon in your other hand.

All in all I find it to be an odd block of text.

So any other weird interactions with item descriptions you know of?