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Pathfinder 2E Future playtest for two new martial classes.


[...]– the guardian and the commander – with a playtest for both classes set to launch on April 29th. During a Paizo livestream, the Commander (likely a Pathfinder 2E take on the Warlord class) was described as "Intelligent and Clever" while the Guardian was described as heavily armored. Both classes will be featured in the 2025 rulebook, which will likely focus on martial warfare and classes.

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Warlord time, baby~!

Also apparently the Guardian is going to be the new tankiest tank and the Crusader is taking a slight tankiness nerf with a damage increase? At least that's what someone told me... roughly 15 minutes ago, but I do not know where they got that.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...

Guaridan needs a decent amount of work, and Commander could do better to support casters beyond movement, but god damn Commander seems pretty god damn cool so far! I think one of my players will be very excited to get their hands on it and use it until its official release!


Doing the best imitation of myself
They're both pretty sick, I think Guardian really needs tuning more than anything else, they have to polish up that catch-22 to really make it shine.
I agree. The Commander looks like a character I would absolutely play. As I'm a Warlord fan, that's not surprising. The Guardian really needs some work as the Taunt mechanic really needs work I don't see the reason the Guardian should lose AC, for instance. The fact that they can be attacked normally is enough incentive to get attacked.

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