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Hi! I'm from Columbus Ga and over time our gaming group has disentegrated due to people moving. We are looking for more players (us three a group does not make). We primarily play D&D 3Eish with Tolkien influences. We have Friday evening and Saturdays available for gaming. Anyone from Columbus interested please drop us an e-mail. Both my husband and I DM but open to trying someone else game out as well. Toodles!

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So tell us about your group! Ages, backgrounds, how long playing D&D, etc. Starting a new campaign, or continuing an old?

- Olgar (who's in commuting distance of you)


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There are actually a number of gamers here in Columbus, which can come as a surprise to some.

Not meaning to speak for Eowyn, but there is currently an epic FR game (Saturdays) and a low lv Eberron (every other Friday), along with a new game based in Cauldron that should be starting in the next month. Players range from early 20's to upper 50's.

Lots of players, we need a few more GM's

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