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Gaining a level, stay rogue or multiclass into monk.


I play in the society for pathfinder, and one day I was forced to play a 1st level rogue because playing my 5th level summoner would be way too overpowered for a 1-2 tier scenario and it would be unfair for a group of 4 level 1's to play up.

Well I finally played the rogue a 3rd time 1so i can level it up to 2 now, my main question is if I multiclass into monk can I add sneak attack damage to each flurry of blows attack as long as the conditions are met like being flanked or losing your dex bonus?

If not I will just stay rogue and stick with the poisoner variant.


Yes you can add sneak attack with flurry if the conditions are right.

The more important question: is your rogue Lawful Good/Neutral?


I would stay rogue, and pick up short swords or a weapon that crits on 18-20 such as kukris. I know rogues are not proficient with them, but a multiclass into fighter or spending a feat will help that. You can also go ranger and still keep most of your skill points for that one level.


actually, a common level dip for a rouge is druid for a flanking buddy (velociraptor is best)

monk with a dip for rogue is not a bad idea. but the other way around is so so.
(Hungery Ghost Archtype works well)

Fighter or Ranger are good for a 1 level dip, but only if you need new weapon proficency, otherwise stay rogue

Side question: how does a lawful good person justify poison use?