Galactic Worlds Map Icons Preview


The Inkwell Ideas Patreon map icon theme this month is Galactic Worlds–an homage to the various worlds of Star Wars. Most months we do 4 subsets of map icons for 4 styles: classic world/kingdom, isometric world/kingdom, settlement (top-down buildings) and battlemat). But this month is so expansive–how do we cover 4 styles of icons for an ice world, desert world, temperate galactic world, lava factories, volcano settlements, undersea world, and more?

So this month we’ll only be making the classic & isometric world/kingdom icons based on a poll we did with our patrons. If you back the Patreon, you’ll get the icons below at the end of the month plus the classic ones we’ll preview in a few days. You’ll also get links to the prior two month’s of icons as a bonus.

202401 Galactic Worlds Isometric.jpg

In this sample we have 33 icons in the isometric style: cities, towns, villages, palaces, factories, & more (depending on the locale) for a desert planet, a water planet, a lava planet, and more.

We’ve also included 3 additional (actually 6 when you consider rows vs. columns) lava terrain because while Worldographer has plenty of forests, desert, etc., it doesn’t have lava terrain built in.

And we have a slew of planet icons (20) and a few other space structures (3). But no small/medium ships–we’ve done many ships over the years in just about every SF icon set we’ve made, so if you need those please look at these sets:
Because we’ve got over 50 icons in this set and we’ll have over 50 icons in the Classic set, we won’t be doing Battlemat or Settlement icons in this month’s set, but we’ll include continuing this set with those subsets in our theme poll for next month.

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