Gritty Future Settlement Map Icons Patreon Preview


Each month Inkwell Ideas makes 100+ total map icons in 4 styles: isometric world/kingdom, classic world/kingdom, settlement, & battlemat based on a theme picked by our patrons. Support us/get them via Patreon! (On the last day of the month we make a pinned post to get the icons via DriveThruRPG at no extra cost.) This month's theme is "Gritty Future" and the settlement icons are the bulk of this set at over 60 icons in all.

We wanted to have things be stackable in a few ways. For example, if you look at the more zoomed in of the two images in this post, you'll see a 3 layer arcology. We actually have 3 of these arcologies that you can stack in different ways (a bottom layer from one arcology and the upper two layers from another, for example). But even cooler is that many of the small buildings (Armory, Dojo, Tattoo Parlor, Pharmacy, etc.) can be stacked under those as a large corporate or apartment building's first floor businesses for outside customers. There is signage on the front of each building to tell what it is if you zoom in further--or use labels as shown here. The sample also shows many of the small buildings on their own as well so you can see the full graphic. The zoomed out sample shows more buildings on the same map--a government building, another arcology (without first floor businesses), arena, school, and more.

We'll have more previews of the other sets in the next few days. Here are today's previews:
202310 Grittty Future Settlement.jpg

202310 Grittty Future Settlement2.jpg

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