New Battlemat Map Icons & a Sidequest Sample


It is the end of another month, so it is time to show the Inkwell ideas new Patreon icons! Each month we make 100+ total icons usually in 4 styles: isometric world/kingdom, classic world/kingdom, settlement, & battlemat based on a theme picked by our patrons. But this month's theme is "Simple Battlemat" where we're making a new set of 100+ color battlemat icons that cover all the basics (beds, tables, chairs, door, and many more) but only for battlemats. These are intended to look good even when printed at 1/4 inch squares--or even a little less. Support us/get them (at the end of the month) via Patreon!

(More info below the sample.)

We'll be using these icons for most of our next batch of Sidequest Decks (each card is a mini-adventure). That's a Kickstarter we wanted to launch earlier this year but had to push off until this summer (no set date yet) for a variety of reasons. You can sign up to be notified about it via the project's Kickstarter preview page.

And as an extra bonus, here is the Sidequest card text that goes with the above simple map:

The Isolated Inn (by Aaron Canton)
The party finds an inn under attack by bandits!

Getting the PCs Involved
• They are looking for any place to rest with a roof.
• Fairies hear of the bandits marching on their friend’s inn and ask/trick the PCs into liberating it.

Encounter Key
1. Courtyard: When the party arrives, bandits are hiding in the courtyard’s spectacular garden. The party must defeat or bypass them to enter.
2. Bar: An ogre bandit holds the innkeeper’s family at sword point. He can be inveigled into a drinking contest; normally he can out drink anyone, but if the party cheats by finding a way to fake their drinking, he will lose and fall unconscious.
3. Luxury Suite: The innkeeper’s family says that Ostrick the Innkeeper is being held in the luxury suite. Ostrick, however, has been moved and the suite has been taken over by tough bandits.
4. Outer Lawn: The bandit leader drags Ostrick outside and has his remaining minions set the inn on fire! The party must defeat the leader, rescue Ostrick, and save the inn.
5. Fairy Shrine: Ostrick reveals that his inn’s prosperity is thanks to a fairy who blessed him for saving her life, not a treasure like the bandits thought. The party may pray at his fairy shrine to receive a mild fairy blessing for themselves.

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