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Game Night, by Jonny Nexus. You need to read it:)

Teflon Billy

I just finished reading Game Night by EN World's own Jonny Nexus and it is a laugh riot.

I'm not sure if any of you have read Jonny's website Critical Miss, but the "falling on your ass laughing" calibre humour that he's always brought to the site translates well into this book.

It is about a group of Gods (literally) playing a fantasy roleplaying game using mortals as their PC's. The concept seems pretty easy to come up with...but I'm happy to say the author really delivers :)

Basically, the Chief God has a really epic, poetic drama-filled adventure in mind, and it keeps getting sidetracked by the fact that his players (the rest of the pantheon) are for the most part petty, rules-lawyering yahoos, bored goofs who can't retain any information from moment to moment, snide know-it-alls with a sense of entitlement...and the lone awesome gamer for whom you get the feeling the adventure was designed.

The "adventure" itself is pretty compelling , but the real gold in the book is recognizing how many of these exact "Group Dynamic Disasters" I myself have been in over the years.

This one sentence sets the tone I think...

[bq]The ride up the Valley had been long and tiresome, and the party's spirits had been further dampened by an unfortunate dispute over the bill at the inn in which they'd spent the night. But now they were within sight of that which they'd spent many moons travelling towards.

The Gate[/bq]

And unfortunate dispute over the bill at an inn...the very picture of an Epic Fantasy:)

Anyway, the writing is top-notch, the story is hilarious and the book is very reasonably priced.

Go that Amazon link and buy one for your DM for Christmas :)

And, in the grand tradition of EN World reviews ***** 5/5 Stars
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Jonny Nexus

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Well speaking as the author, that's a very nice review to read. :)

Could I just add that if any of the Brits among us want a link to the Amazon.uk version of the book (which currently has discounted copies on offer for £5.50 against an rrp of £7.99) then you can find them at the main Game Night website:


You can also find general information about the book and see some of the other quotes that have been made about it.


Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
I love the Critical Miss website. Very funny.

I promise to buy this book, but it will have to wait until after Xmas. Thanks for the info, Teflon Billy.


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I'm assuming that if you read ENWorld, you're into RPing.

And if you're into RPing, you have to get a hold of this book! It's that simple!

This is one of the funniest books I've read all year.

So good it demands a sequal!


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It's just hit my 'buy later' list on Amazon. :) Though I'll see if I can get a local bookstore to order it in, instead. That might be better.

Only a matter of time money now. . .

+5 Keyboard!

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That first chapter was too funny (and spot on as far as gamers I've rubbed elbows with). Just ordered it. Can't wait to read the complete book.


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Oh, man... that's AWESOME! Hi-freaking-larious!

Ordered mine. Can't wait to read this at dinner time during this Saturday's game! hehehehe


Let me start by giving my standard response:

ahem - gamer fiction is a bored and tired genre that has no real value in the annuls of literature, regardless of how popular.

Now, that being said, WOW, that is freaking hilarious. This isn't gamer fiction, it parody of the highest order and I like it! This is like the movie The Gamers set to print!


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That was damn funny!

I wish I'd noticed this before - now I won't get it in time for christmas. But I am so getting this.

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