GAME OF THRONES #7:A Man Without Honor ACT 17 Chapter 2-2012


You must've missed the part where he hung 20 innocent men and proclaimed that he'd hang everyone in the castle in order to find who the assassin was.

Not to mention the scorched earth order he gives to the Mountain in order to root out the Brotherhood.

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Not to mention the scorched earth order he gives to the Mountain in order to root out the Brotherhood.

Or last year, how they echoed the book when Tywin had his guardsmen rape Tysha while forcing his son Tyrion to watch - and then having Tyrion rape her last.

Remus Lupin

Interestingly, in the TV version of that story, they left out Tyrion having to go last (and pay her in gold, because a Lannister is worth more), unless I'm misremembering.

I do like them giving Tywin a bit more depth. In the books, he's only ever seen through the eyes of others, and all of them see him as rather fearsome in one way or another. Glimpses of his vulnerability are rare and usually associated with his deceased wife.


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I started to think a lot about this after last night's episode, and the strange thought that crossed my mind was:
Catelyn cuts off Jaime's hand, or she gives him to Karstark who takes his vengeance by cutting off the Kin(g)slayer's hand.
This is what I'd assumed out-of-hand (pun intended.

Not saying that's how I would want it played out. I certainly want to see the Goat!
Shouldn't we be seeing him already? I recall Harenhall changing hands a few times, but I don't recall Tywrin having a lengthy stay. Then again, my memories are fuzzy. I kind of powered through it on audiobook.


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I don't want to get my hopes up. Someone there suggested it might be for
children of the forest
, which sounds more plausible at this point.

It's also possible that they're: [sblock] the dwarfs that perform at Joff's wedding - but, I figured that for Season 4 [/sblock]


Re: they want a WHOLE LOT of short people in Season 3.

First off, it's not dwarfs they want. It's people less than 5' tall. Not one, not two - BUT DOZENS.

Question: Why would you want a whole lot of people less than 5' tall?

Answer: Because you want them short so that what you are trying to make things alongside them in the frame look giant-size through use of perspective (forced or otherwise), they will seem to be giant-size and that much more believable as "giants".<spoiler></spoiler>
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