Gamers Wanted! Gamers wanted in Colorado Springs, CO for Microlite20 (possibly other stuff)


Play Method: Face to face.
Game/System: Microlite20.
Player or GM? I'm the GM.
Time/Frequency: Every other week on Saturday afternoon/evening.
Genre: High Fantasy.
Current needs: Players.
Accept Drop-In Players? No.
Accept Spectators? No.
Short description of the setting/campaign: Old school high fantasy setting on the edge of civilized lands, where the PCs have come to make a name for themselves. Download the setting primer here.

FWIW, with a little bit of advance notice to brush up on rules/setting (say, two weeks), I'd also be down to run Agone, Classic Traveller, Fifth Cycle, Maelstrom Storytelling, The Morrow Project, or Roll for Shoes. Anybody have any interest in that kind of thing locally? As above, I'm down to host on Saturday afternoons/evenings.