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Gamers Wanted: Los Angeles Based GM in Search of Players, Host


First Post
Hi all. I'm a long time gamer who has mostly run games for friends, but I'd like to find a dedicated squad of players I can DM for and maybe even occasionally play for.

To be clear though, I'm mostly a GM/DM these days and that's where the majority of my fun is. I currently live in Inglewood, work in Hollywood, and am limited by public transit. Bolding that because I know that's a big liability and deal-breaker in LA (or at least it is on OkCupid!).

I'm most interested in the following systems:

- Pretty much anything OSR
- D&D 5e
- Red Markets, which I just picked up and am utterly obsessed with
- Making you playtest my various ideas and games

I will play anything, but for the moment the above is a pretty comprehensive list of anything I am able to or intend to run.

Please post here, send me a PM, or email me at spencertsisson@gmail.com

Looking forward to playing with you and/or getting out of my dang apartment!

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