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I ran an all dwarf campaign for Savage Worlds a few years back that was a lot of fun. The campaign was a mixture of 19th century gender politics mashed up with Aristophanes' Lysistrata.

Concept: The most eligible bachelorettes in all of dwarfdom, the Grimké sister, are looking for husbands. They offer their hands in marriage to the two bachelors who return from a quest with lost sacred artifacts.

Twist: The Grimké sisters don't believe the artifacts can be found and this was just a ruse to get most of the young male dwarfs of fighting age, and some of their relatives, out of the city on a wild goose chase. In their absence, the women seized the principal government buildings and refuse to surrender until they're given the right to participate in government affairs. The government has shut down, women are well versed in siege warfare so using force isn't an option, and anyway, most of the men aren't willing to use force against their memaw anyway, and when the players eventually return, they've got to figure out how to solve the problem.

Pride and Prejudice and Pickaxes!

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Citizen Mane

The Kajamba Lion
Call of Cthulhu. I've been trying to find a hook, but my idea of a mobster family in 1930s Providence, RI didn't go over well.
There's probably a great 1970s/1980s Call of Cthulhu mobster game to be set in Boston and Providence, using all the stuff that came out from the Globe's Spotlight team and became Black Mass. There's deep setting information from everything that came out but still a lot of places to paint around the lines. (And the research would be a blast.)
Pendragon: I've got at least one player who would love it. I think some of my other players view a game of knights only as a bit constraining.
This has been my experience trying to get a Pendragon game together, too. One buddy of mine has a pretty reductive (but not entirely unconvincing) view of Malory that put the kibosh on a game I proposed. It's been years, but the gist of it was that Malory is little more than knights beating up people they didn't recognize until they do recognize them, at which point they get really sad about having caved their buddy's skull in. He's wrong, but he's also not wrong.
Numenera. I love the setting but am not in love with the Cypher rules set. I’d hack it into something else. Probably SWADE.
I agree that I would need to use another system, as I'm not in love with Cypher either. SWADE would work. I could see using it as a setting for D&D, too, though that'd probably be more work for less value than SWADE.
I've been wanting to run an all-dwarf campaign since the Complete Book of Dwarves was released. One of these years, it'll happen.
Any time I think of running a D&D campaign, I start by talking myself out of eliminating all ancestry options outside of dwarves and goblins. If I don't get to this step, I know I'm not serious about running a game.

Citizen Mane

The Kajamba Lion
One game that I didn't mention above, but which I come back to every now and again as a possible one-shot is a mash-up of Casablanca and Call of Cthulhu. The PCs would be characters from the movie, chasing the letters of transit, which would be some sort of awful Mythos-related document (as I joked to my wife this morning, they could be letters of transit to a place beyond space and time).


I've a campaign I've been brewing for years set in the star wars universe, sadly I've not found a suitable system to use
What is it about?

My go to for Star Wars if I don't want to use SWd6 is Savage Worlds. For Games set anywhere from the Dark Times to the post-RotJ era it pretty much works out of the box. It does Star Wars' gritty pulp planetary romance war story vibe really well. It might work less well for prequel era everyone's a Jedi, but I haven't tried.


Lawyer by day. Rules lawyer by night.

The OGL debacle gave me and my group the impetus to get outside of our 5e comfort zone. A 6 week hiatus in the 2+ year-old campaign helped. I gave the group a choice of DCC, OSE, or Pathfinder. We're running DCC which, I think, has a much more fun tone. Yes it's gonzo. But it can also be creepy. We're doing Sailors Under The Starless Sea now and we all are having a blast.

Hopefully though, when the group gets the actual roleplay itch, we'll go to PF.


Small God of the Dozens
Brindlewood Bay, Spire, Band of Blades, Vaesen, SIGMATA. That's just off the top of my head and I'm sure there's a bunch more. My buying far outstrips my ability to actually get things to the table as a GM.

I've a campaign I've been brewing for years set in the star wars universe, sadly I've not found a suitable system to use
I've been considering Cortex Prime for Star Wars - Values seem like a good fit for the setting. Say, three Dark Side values: Fear, Anger, and Hate; and three corresponding Light Side values: Courage, Serenity, and Compassion.

Dark Side values can be invoked as well as challenged, which makes them much more powerful... But also gives you Corruption stress. If you ever take Corruption Trauma, you've fallen to the Dark Side. You can be healed of it, yes, but it gives so many benefits you might be tempted not to. (Unlike regular Trauma, you can use it for you in many cases.) If it ever steps up beyond d12, though, the character is no longer playable - you're an NPC puppet of the Dark Side.

The Force is probably done using Abilities instead of Powers. Lightsabers are a signature asset that you need a special Ability to even use without hurting yourself. (And yes, you can use both the Ability and the asset in your pool, plus whatever skill you're using for fighting, so you're pretty much a combat monster.) The Ability has an SFX to spend a plot point to deflect attacks onto other combatants.

Committed Hero

1. Call of Cthulhu. I've been trying to find a hook, but my idea of a mobster family in 1930s Providence, RI didn't go over well. I'm thinking of setting it in the modern era and having them be a ghost hunting crew that has their own Patreon/TikTok/YouTube presence. They have day jobs, but they do paranormal investigations for the views.
Dennis Detwiller wrote a scenario in TUO 14/15 set in Rhode Island involving bootleggers and FBI agents, "Call of Duty." But the modern idea sounds good too!


I’ve never run Runequest.
Played in it way back in high school (as in when I was a teen, not as the school principal I became later!) and loved the richness of the setting, but never got the chance to run a game. Maybe one day.....


Of the 9 IPs/homebrews I'm continually working on, so far I've only run 2 of them. The remaining 7 use the Mythras, Mongoose Traveller 2, SWADE, Cortex Prime or Call of Cthulhu 7 rules. And although I've run most of those TTRPGs before, I'd really like to run them with my homebrews.

Committed Hero

These are what I'd like to run:

A Sentinel Comics RPG game where we are making actual lines of comics as we play. I realize that's done in a general way but I would want to make my own background as opposed to using theirs.

A Fall of Delta Green campaign that adapts Masks of Nyarlathotep in 1968.

A pulp game using the rules for Swords of the Serpentine set in Egypt where the PCs are connected with an archaeological dig.

A Trail of Cthulhu game mixing The Armitage Files and Cthulhu City.


I've never really played much beyond D&D, because although I've picked up the books for a couple other systems over the years I've just never come across any groups in this area playing those other systems...

Green Ronin's D20 The Black Company Setting
World of Darkness - never managed to get a real game going aside from a brief LARP
GURPS - only really played one brief two-session game

As far as campaign ideas, I've had far too many over the years that I've completely forgotten about, but one that I've been contemplating recently was inspired by D.B. Jackson's Thieftaker Chronicles, about a sorcerer who works as a thieftaker in Boston just prior to the American Revolution. It seems like an awesome setting idea for a historical fantasy game - you could add in all sorts of Native American lore, New England ghost stories, Druids and Vikings in America long before Columbus, political intrigue and espionage...

  • A game set in the dwarven mines/under dark beneath the ruins of a city. Inspired by Metro 2033.
  • I would like to someday re-run Shackled City someday.
  • Huh, I thought this list would be longer. Stupid brain.
  • Any of the Star Wars systems.
  • Alice is Missing
  • BESM
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Dread
  • Tales of Xadia (I really think my daughter would like this one.)
  • Mouseguard
  • Any of the random systems I see and think "Huh, that would be neat". (Tactical Waifu, the Cowboy Bebop RPG, the Transformers and GI Joe TTRPG by Renegade Games...)


Loves Your Favorite Game
Number one with a bullet: Ultraviolet Grasslands. The book implores me to explore that world.
2: Wanderhome. It's so far afield from everything I've run before that I'm afraid I'll be terrible at it, but I want to get better at both running and playing games in that way it asks.
3. Scum and Villainy. Gotta keep working my way through varied systems in the PbtA lineage, and I feel like the atmosphere of this might be an easier sell for my friends than how dark and grim Blades in the Dark leans towards.

Other HMs:
  • Alice is Missing
  • Brindlewood Bay
  • Burning Wheel
  • City of Mist
  • Dread
  • Delta Green
  • Ironsworn
  • Lady Blackbird
  • Microscope
  • Monsterhearts
  • Paranoia
  • Spire
  • (more) Trail of Cthulhu

I've been wanting to run a Cortex + Smallville hacked game around the Mongol Invasion of Japan (hat-tip Ghost of Tsushima!). Running too many games right now and present run of players just aren't biting on this idea.

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