Gaming and Family

RPGs and friends and family

  • None

    Votes: 17 17.9%
  • My siblings play

    Votes: 19 20.0%
  • My SO plays

    Votes: 40 42.1%
  • My kids play

    Votes: 21 22.1%
  • My SO has tried it but doesn't play

    Votes: 11 11.6%
  • My SO wishes I wouldn't play

    Votes: 8 8.4%
  • My SO makes it harder to play

    Votes: 6 6.3%
  • My SO doesn't play but is supportive

    Votes: 23 24.2%

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El Mahdi

Muad'Dib of the Anauroch
My wife and her cousin both play in my games. And, up until she died*, my 73 year old mother-in-law also occasionally participated!

My parents mostly just think it's silly, but while I was growing up they though it was positively satanic. My brothers mostly just think I'm a geek, and would never be interested in playing. Oh well...

*I know, of course she doesn't play now that she's dead...but she probably could have played an awesome undead!;) (Love Ya Mom! Hope you're having fun...and tell Dad "Hi".):)

Swedish Chef

My kids are a bit too young yet. My sister could care less. My wife doesn't mind, as long as the scheduled day doesn't conflict with her work schedule, and my folks have always felt I was a bit squirrelly, so never said anything about it. :lol:

Unfortunately, your poll doesn't cover my "all over the map" answer. ;)


I hate to say it, but I'm currently in the 'hide my hobby' from the world mode. That probably should be an option.

I'm a nearly weekly gamer/DM/sometimes player, but I don't have a serious SO currently.

The girl(s) I've been dating probably wouldn't 'get' the hobby. They might feign support but it wouldn't be something that would be terribly beneficial to a relationship.

I think that means its not meant to be.

I've seriously dated girls who were genuinely supportive of the hobby in the past, but they didn't really want to play. Diamonds in the rough.



My eldest son has been playing on and off since he was five, he's now 9 years old. My younger son (now 7) is borderline autistic, but he's caught on enough he understands how to roll the dice and enjoys his dwarf character.

My wife loves to play "healer-type" characters. She's at home in RP-heavy games, but dead weight in kick-in-the-door sort of games, which I tend to lean towards (but she's fine with that; most of the other gamers more than make up for her non-combat ability). She's actually found a system (Savage Worlds) that she understands well enough and enjoys that's she's running her own game with the boys.


Mod Squad
Staff member
I first met the woman I married when she came to make a character for a D&D game I was running. So, you know, no problem with spousal support for my gaming.


My wife used to play until real life got in the way. She is supportive these days in part because two of my boys play in my surrent group. Someday when our younger children get older, I think she will come back to the game.

Shades of Green

First Post
My spouse is an avid gamer; she was quite positive about gaming from the beginning of our relationship, though she didn't have a chance to play any RPG before we met. I introduced her to Shadowrun and D&D and she enjoyed the hell out of it. Hopefully she'll end up DMing in the future...

My mother was neutral towards D&D when I was a teenager, and now is quite positive towards it, and even understands the basic concept, but doesn't play (which is a shame - she would've made a great role-player).

My father was the first person who has ever mentioned D&D to me, and was quite positive about it, though he never played. Like most mental-health professionals in Israel, though, he seems to think that LARPers have mental issues... :erm:


First Post
When I was 20 years old and in the U.S. Air Force...

One of the guys in my gaming group at the time said there was a new girl in his department that he was bringing to the next session. "Cool," I thought, "another player." And thought no more of it.

The following week, the evening before gaming, some non-gaming friends and I went out to eat. We met another friend, who'd brought along someone we hadn't met before.

"Wow, pretty girl," I thought.

Conversation ensued, "Wow, smart, pretty girl," I thought.

Gaming gets brought up...turns out she's the new girl coming to gaming, "Smart, pretty, gaming girl!" I might have fainted right there, if not for my dignity.

A month later, we were married (yep, a month). Fifteen years later, two of our four kids game with us on Friday nights and I'm about to start up a "family campaign" for all of us on Sundays. I just landed a job with WotC and my wife is doing freelance layout for roleplaying products and entered RPG Superstar.

Best family ever. True story. :D

Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
My brother was part of my first gaming group in high school but once he got into college he lost his interest in it. Other than that none of my family plays. My wife is supportive of my playing but likes to tease me about having to many roleplaying books that I never get around to using.

the Jester

Um... none at the moment, as I have no SO (nor do I have siblings), but I wouldn't have a girlfriend who wasn't participating in or at least supportive of something that is such a big part of my life.

Edit: Also, this poll is pretty limited as far as what it considers family participation goes- I've known people that played with their parents (and even one grandpa!), cousins, uncles and nieces & nephews.
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Liquid Awesome
My wife plays and (recently) GMs. My daughter plays and GMs.

I'll be running our family Savage Worlds Fantasy game a bit later this afternoon.

I should also say that not only is my wife supportive of the hobby but she is EXTREMELY gracious about us hosting the NC Game Days a few times a year, allowing me to jet off to GenCon on occasion and also making quite a few of our family vacations revolve around visiting our gaming friends. She's also an excellent cook, earns a pretty decent living and is completely amazing in several ways that are not Grandma-Friendly.

If you wonder why I'm so damn happy all the time, it is directly traceable to her.


My wife has been gaming with me for almost as long as we have known each other. She has posted bits of her own story hour a few years ago. She is supportive of my other game, that I play in weekly. We play with my son on random weekends as well, time permitting. My girls are too young to get into gaming yet, but might be interested as they start figuring out math and being able to read.


First Post
I first met the woman I married when she came to make a character for a D&D game I was running. So, you know, no problem with spousal support for my gaming.

Yep. I met my wife of now over 20 years when she showed up to join the group I was in.

As for the friends part, even though not covered in your poll. Most of my friends are my friends because we are gamers, and our gaming got us together in order to become friends. I have friends outside of gaming, but not many. I don't make friends with co workers, they are acquaintances. I do make exceptions for co workers who game, though. :)

The Antra

First Post
My wife plays with me since we started dating, over 10 years ago. Sometimes, she is even more enthusiastic than I am (and I love her for that).

I just can´t say my daughter plays with us because she´s only 3 months old. But we´ll take care of that as soon as she comes of age! ;)

Couldn´t get my dog to like RPGs. He really doesn´t care for that! :p

Mark Hope

My gf used to be a regular gamer but no longer plays. She's super-supportive of it, though. Actually, from time to time she does play (there is talk of a one-shot game with some of our old friends/gaming group over xmas and she's planning on playing in that) so I checked that box as well, heh. My two eldest kids also play. Eldest boy has just discovered Games Workshop and my daughter ran her first game for us a couple of months back (using the D&D red box - the original version, not the new one). Youngest boy has asked for his own set of dice, so I guess he's ready too now :)

My wife has tried it but didn't like it much. Though she doesn't try to hinder the game her dirty looks keep it to playing only when she is at work.

Both kids thourghly enjoy it. Check out Eldeen Heroes SH.

Argyle King

My family is very supportive of my hobbies. A few of them have tried playing. Many of them are buying me gaming related gifts for Christmas.

Some of my family members didn't understand the hobby when I first started playing, but I took the time to educate them on what the games were and expressed why I enjoyed them. I understand the reasons for why people hide their hobby, but I've never felt the need to do so. My view is that I am really not bothered if someone has a problem with what I do in my spare time or not.


First Post
My wife tried it but she thought we talked to much. She only liked killing things. None of the roleplaying or mulling over what to do next stuff for her :)

But she has always been very supportive so as nice as it would be to have her play, it's been fine. My kids are just getting to the age where they enjoy it although only in smaller doses. It's still a bit much for them so more recently we have been playing Talisman (very happy to have discovered that again after all these years B-)

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