Gaming & Giving This Holiday Season

It's that time of year where we have an opportunity to give back to the community we know and love. If you're feeling charitable, here's how you can help.

Please Note: I’m the Chair of the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games (CAR-PGA). We have our own Gamers in Need page if you’re interested in learning more about how to give back to the gaming community.


Jasper’s Game​

When Fenway Jones lost two friends in the span of 10 months to suicide and everyone that knew them was deeply affected, she worked with her dad Aaron to organize an event to raise awareness and donations for suicide prevention. It was so well received that it evolved into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to raise donations for suicide prevention and awareness. Through this, they strive to reduce the stigma around talking about mental health so the world can start to treat it just like physical health. The goal is to prevent suicide before it happens and not just respond to the aftermath.

This issue is near and dear to my heart after I lost a player from my original gaming group to self-neglect. I spoke with Fenway on one of our CAR-PGA virtual panels, where she revealed her future plans for Jasper’s Game Day and excellent advice on what to do when you suspect a player in your gaming group is struggling.

The RPG Relief Fund​

The Roleplaying Game Creators Relief Fund (RCRF) was founded to provide financial assistance to tabletop roleplaying game creators suffering hardship due to medical emergencies, natural disasters, and other catastrophic situations.

I spoke with Robert Adducci in one of our CAR-PGA virtual panel sessions and he explained that despite the RCRF being supported by the gaming community, there aren't a lot of creators taking advantage of it. It's particularly important given the stresses of the pandemic, so if you know someone who might benefit, send them to the application form.

If you’d just like to support the RCRF, you can make a donation or purchase a product that supports them. I produced two for the holidays, 5E Foes: Nightmares Before Christmas and 5E Foes: Armies of the Christmas War. Each are Pay What You Want, with 100% of any profit going to the RCRF.


RPG Research and the RPG Museum​

The goal of the non-profit RPG Museum, created by the 501(c)3 non-profit RPG Research, is to provide an online and in-person historical and research museum that also provides experiential learning on the history of all role-playing game formats: tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LRPG & LARP), electronic (ERPG), and hybrids (HRPG).

You can see my discussion with Hawke Robinson of RPG Research explaining plans to launch the museum in another of our CAR-PGA virtual panel sessions. You can help by donating directly to the RPG Museum.

These three organizations merely scratch the surface of how you can help. There are many more, from DriveThruRPG to Extra Life to Humble Bundle. Whatever way you choose to give back, I hope you have a safe and healthy holiday.

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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

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