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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

The Fox in the Henhouse
  • 77
Before WOTC began rolling out its monetization plans for D&D, Hasbro was under fire for not doing enough. Alta Fox Capital's blueprint has turned out to be prescient.
The Art of the Apology
  • 113
Thanks to Patreon, we have a template for what a good apology looks like. So how did Wizards of the Coast do?
Fixing the Mess
  • 32
After Patreon announced a wildly unpopular change that caused fans to leave their platform in droves, they reversed course. Was it enough?
This Sounds Familiar
  • 13
Remember that time when a company abruptly changed course by focusing on their most profitable members at the expense of thousands of smaller creators? That was Patreon in 2017.
Looking Back at My Gaming Goals for 2022
  • 11
Another year, another chance to disappoint myself. Let's see if I did any better than last year.
ENWC Update: New Year, New Columns!
  • 7
The EN World Columnist Program is celebrating its sixth anniversary, and we're looking for new columnists to expand our coverage in 2023.
The Dragons Come Home to Roost
  • 123
D&D has long striven to be more than a game, but a brand. Thanks to the game's surge in popularity, those plans are coming to fruition.
Gift Ideas for Dragon Fans
  • 4
If you know a dungeon master who enjoys using dragons in their game or a player who is fond of slaying or playing one, this list is for them.
Dice Gifts for Gamers
  • 10
The dice craze has died down somewhat on Amazon, but there are still plenty of options for players and game masters alike.
Gift Ideas for the Game Master Who Has Everything
  • 5
From the useful to the less useful but hopefully still enjoyable, this is an eclectic list of gifts valued at forty bucks or under.
Gift Ideas for Crafty Gamers
  • 5
This list is for gamers who take their miniature, terrain, painting, and modeling seriously. The investments are significant, but there may be discounts during the holiday season.
Thankful for My Players
  • 19
Wanted: Four or more people to play a game for four hours every week for at least a year.
Gift Ideas for Steampunk Fans
  • 0
This past Halloween I dressed in a steampunk theme, but I've also redesigned my office with steampunk decor and use steampunk props in my 5E D&D game. If you know someone who is a fan of...
Oh No, Everyone's Here!
  • 24
Our group is balanced to have six players so that when one or two can’t play, we still have enough to move forward. But sometimes everyone shows up, and that can be overwhelming.
Boo! Pity the Ambush Monster
  • 24
I love the idea of monsters who snatch unwary PCs and drag them back to their lair, but in practice that's tough to pull off.
When Half the Party Shows Up
  • 64
We created a rule of playing with a minimum of six players. But the folks who showed really wanted to play, so we broke our own rule ... and nearly broke the party with it.
Fade to Black
  • 8
In my campaign I face the twin challenges of reinforcing the world's lore and giving my players something to do when they're knocked out. This is my solution.
Older Than You Look
  • 70
In my campaign I have two elves, two tieflings, a human, and a gnome. Their age difference comes up more than you think.
Who Invented the Ice Dragon?
  • 23
Fire-breathing dragons are a well-known trope, but ice-breathing dragons are a relatively new beast to fantasy. Or are they?
D&D Tactics: Hikes
  • 187
I go on a lot of Boy Scout hikes. If I were in an adventuring party in a fantasy world, I'd never make it.

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