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Michael Tresca



Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

Making a Heroes' Feast: Traveler's Stew
  • 14
We decided to try our hand at making meals from the official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook: Heroes' Feast. The first recipe in the book is the simplest: Traveller's Stew.
This is the Way
  • 50
The long-gestating Dungeons & Dragons film continues to creep along, but another series has demonstrated that the game may not need a big budget movie at all: The Mandalorian.
My Gaming Goals for 2021
  • 44
It's a New Year and, while we're still filled with hopeful enthusiasm, an opportunity to start fresh on our gaming goals. Here's mine.
2020: The Year That Wasn't
  • 9
2020 has been a weird year that has had some unexpected results for tabletop gaming. Here’s a look back.
Stocking Stuffers for Your Players
  • 0
Unlike gifts for game masters, a gift for other players from a game master needs to be useable by a group or able to separate into distinct parts. This list is all under twenty bucks and can fit...
Stocking Stuffers for Your Dungeon Master
  • 6
It's one thing to buy the dungeon master in your life a big gift when all the players chip in, but if you want to get something special for a DM that's not too expensive, there are now plenty of...
Gift Ideas for Players
  • 9
As an Amazon Vine reviewer I get the opportunity to review a lot of content for gamers. With the holiday season fast upon us, here's the gamer gear for players that got high marks from me. I've...
Gift Ideas for Game Masters
  • 21
I'm a lifelong game master, so I'm always on the lookout for gamer gear that I can't find anywhere else (or in the case of my 3D printer, make myself). If you're looking to buy something for your...
Taking the Leap: Buying a Gaming Table
  • 19
I finally took the leap and invested in a table specifically for gaming. I never imagined it would take me several years before the table finally made it to my game room.
Gamer Milestones
  • 62
As tabletop gaming becomes a lifelong hobby, there are increasing levels of investment in the game as we get older. Here's mine.
Working Through Grief with Role-Playing Games
  • 7
I mentioned previously that a long-term player in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign passed away unexpectedly. I also didn't expect a role-playing game would help me deal with my grief.
Take Care of Your Players
  • 20
November is an opportunity to be thankful for what we have, so for this series I thought I’d talk about “that player.”
The Horror! of a Game That Never Ends
  • 42
We've all been there: as kids, we started a Dungeons & Dragons campaign but never imagined, decades later, that we'd still be playing in a world we made up. Does it ever end? Should it?
The Horror! of Living Skeletons
  • 24
The Dungeons & Dragons skeleton has long been a low-level foe for novice adventurers. With its archery and lawful evil alignment, it hints at a life of discipline. But in medieval lore, its roots...
The Horror! of Haunted Houses
  • 23
Haunted houses are a time-tested horror trope that appears in a wide range of role-playing game genres, but in heroic fantasy it can be a real nightmare for the game master. Here's why.
The Horror! of Labyrinths
  • 15
Adventures in Dungeons & Dragons have always been rooted in dungeons, mazes where branching paths lead to different rooms, constricting player choice but not limiting it to one path. Labyrinths...
The Horror! of Player Agency
  • 9
Gamebooks provide a branching-path framework for a single player to determine their fate, with more advanced gamebooks using dice to resolve conflicts. But what happens when the choices you make...
Meet the Mother of Hideous Laughter
  • 11
We previously discussed Natasha, the adopted daughter of Baba Yaga who went on to create a trademark spell and now headlines her own hardcover for Dungeons & Dragons. But her foster mother is...
Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter
  • 49
The upcoming Tasha's Cauldron of Everything supplement for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons promises to reveal many secrets, but perhaps the most tantalizing is a picture of her sitting in front...
Mark Twain: American Geek
  • 6
Although he isn't often associated with geekdom, Mark Twain's love of technology, his clear-eyed cynicism, and his role-playing persona would fit right in with modern gamers.