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Michael Tresca


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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

The Hidden Costs of Game Mastering
  • 41
We all know about the burdens of game mastering. But depending on the game, there can also be a physical and emotional cost.
Pepper Patties from Outer Space
  • 9
When it came to adding a meat-substitute to the menu in the form of "Surrogate Steaks," Heroes' Feast decided the only way it could be justified in a fantasy setting is for it to come from outer...
Stout and Hairy?
  • 26
The appearance of halflings in Dungeons & Dragons have come a long way since their hobbit roots from Lord of the Rings. If the latest stew from Heroes' Feast is any indication, they didn't stray...
Using Meals to Teach Geography
  • 15
My daughter so far has only been a fan of a few of the recipes in Heroes' Feast, so we thought we'd create one of her favorites: noodles, from Kara-Tur to be precise.
What Do Elves Eat, Anyway?
  • 68
It's no accident that we've skipped most of the "meals" associated with elves in Heroes' Feast, but we finally came around to make one: bacon and asparagus. The bacon surprised us because we don't...
Trading Shepherds for Miners
  • 23
We're back with another traditional recipe from Heroes' Feast attributed to dwarves: Shepherd's Pie.
Would You Like Fries With That?
  • 10
We recently made "tavern steaks" from the Heroes' Feast cookbook, an excuse to place hamburgers in a fantasy setting. But that's not the only anachronism that creeps into our campaigns.
D&D as Therapy for Kids
  • 6
When Katie Lear—children’s counselor, play therapist, and drama therapist in North Carolina—realized how beneficial Dungeons & Dragons was for her own mental health, she decided to use it to help...
Can a Black Pudding Cast Haste?
  • 20
We decided to make a pudding dessert from Heroes' Feast and discovered that, while it didn't pack a pseudopod punch, it had another secret weapon: espresso powder.
What Flavor Is Your Owlbear?
  • 21
We recently made pot roast from Heroes' Feast, but when applying the same recipe to a fantasy world it begs the question: does it have to come from a cow?
April Showers Bring Spring Meatballs
  • 11
It's finally Spring, a time for flowers, showers, and the dwarven meal, Delzoun "Tide-Me-Overs" from Heroes' Feast.
Hunting Ham for the Holidays
  • 4
With the Spring holidays upon us, we decided to make an Easter dish that also happens to be a halfling meal from Heroes’ Feast: honeyed ham with pineapple gravy.
Meet the Bodhana Group
  • 3
When I interviewed Fenway Jones of Jasper's Game Day, another group was mentioned that is doing great work to bring role-playing games to the community: The Bodhana Group. I caught up with Jack...
Fishing for Dragons
  • 5
With fish a popular dish in our house on Fridays, we decided to finally give the Heroes' Feast Dragon Salmon recipe a try.
Corned Beef & Cabbage: A Dwarven Feast?
  • 53
With St. Patrick's Day nigh, we decided to cook a dwarven repast from Heroes' Feast: Corned Beef & Cabbage. It's also an opportunity to spotlight how different cultures express their identity...
Cthulhu Dice Tower Review
  • 8
Playing with seven players at once has taught me that dice towers are a must, especially when playing with kids. I've run a Call of Cthulhu/D20 Modern game in the past, and this dice tower seemed...
Gaming for Good with Jasper’s Game Day
  • 10
I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Fenway Jones, Founder and Executive Director of Jasper's Game Day, events that raise funds and awareness all year round for suicide prevention with...
Tracking Down the Elusive Shift: A Review
  • 9
In Jon Peterson’s Playing at the World, he correctly pointed out that Dungeons & Dragons, despite being known as the first role-playing game, didn’t actually explain how to role-play. His...
Planning a Dessert for RPG Couples
  • 7
The Heroes' Feast Cookbook has so many recipes that you can mix and match as you see fit, and in this case we decided to skip ahead to a dessert perfect for Valentine's Day: Meal's End.
What's in the Pie?
  • 34
Meat. Pies. Meat in a pie. What could go wrong?

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