Gaming Journal - Reality Rift Prologue


It's been a while since I did one of these. Apologies to one and all if I seem rusty.

I've always believed that, if the adventure at the table is any good, it should make a good story. If it doesn't, you did something wrong.

My group is beginning a new campaign, so I'm beginning a new set of tales.

The characters are:
Lagshire Finch, Human Rogue aspiring to Bard, played by the Blind Bard.
Dion Morglay, Human Ranger aspiring to Druid, played by The Tinker
Beau, Half-Orc Monk, played by Bob
Mash, Orc Barbarian, played by Mike
Victoria Elarion, Female Elven Bard, played by Big Al.

My own character in the game isn't finalized, and one player missed our opening session so I don't know who or what he's playing.

In our group we play a style called "Round Robin", where each player designs not only their character, but their home territory as well. We take turns as the DM, with each person who wishes to run an adventure laying it out in that home territory. All the adventures are tied together in the pursuit of a long term goal.

The normal eb and flow of life was disrupted, even war and peace were being disturbed.

Across the known world, for the last year or so, rifts have been appearing, tears in the fabric of reality itself.

In the beginning they would appear, then seal themselves, sometimes quickly, sometimes remaining for days. Then things began to emerge. Originally they seemed more a curiosity than a threat, but then they began to emerge in force.

Over the past six months or so they've been all but charging through, as if they were waiting for the portals to open. And when they came, they killed.

The invaders that died would sometimes leave remains, as the dead normally do. Sometimes they seem to rot and crumble to dust in a span of a few minutes. Other times they seem to melt into goo that seeps into the ground or evaporates, leaving nothing.

There are as many theories as there are sages, bartenders and barber shops. The seers and oracles give cryptic, often contradictory readings, and the astrologers and soothsayers read the skies and runes and find no answers. Even the gods seem ambivalent, as if they didn't know, or were for some reason forbidden to speak of it. Perhaps these things from beyond the world were also beyond the sight of heaven itself.

King Rothschild in Boetella has sent forth a call to every nation within reach, asking for troops to assemble to deal with the matter. He claims to have received word from the one responsible.

He sent the call, and that call was answered. Let us all hope those who answered are up to the challenge.

We've played the first session, and I am writing it up. Each adventure will be posted in a separate thread. Please feel free to critique the story, and my writing style.

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As an addendum: This campaign is using only PHB, DMG and Monster Manuals. At least at the beginning.

That was a group vote, in what I believe was a retreat from some power-gaming they'd seen from a few players.

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