Gaming Shops in Montreal (and other places of interest!)


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I'm off to a conference in Montreal for the next week. I doubt I'll have much free time for sightseeing but just in case I do I thought I'd ask the question here:

If you had a day in Montreal where would you go and what would you see?

Anything gaming related would be a plus ;)

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Go to St. Denis street. There's Le Valet D'Coeur (at Mount Royal metro) and Chez Geeks (at Berri). There are a few other gaming stores, but they're scattered over the city (and the suburbs). You just missed Montreal Comic Con (last weekend), but there's lots going on. (Scroll down to September). Or use the montreal events site to pick your dates and see a list of all known events in the city.

What to do: Visit the Biodome, Insectarium and take in the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Take a walk on the Mountain and check out the city from the lookout. Explore the underground city (RESTO) and travel the metro. Shop along St-Hubert and St-Denis, and of course St-Catherine. Visit Notre Dame Basilica, and then the old Port. Find the food trucks and explore regional cuisine. Visit our Musee des Beaux Arts and walk along Sherbrooke street to view the private art galleries.

Where to eat? A common question on Chow Montreal. RestoMontreal will help you narrow down the list by location (food type, etc). Top players: Joe Beef, Au Pied de Cochon (french), Frites Alors (best fries & sauce), Brit and Chip (tiny place specializing in fried fish), Mango Bay (caribbean), Khyber pass (Afghanistan), Grinder, ....

There's even a geek scene with a gathering this coming Saturday.

Hope this helps.

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