Gaming To The Rescue -- RPG Hurricane Relief Roundup

As is always the case when tragedies such as the hurricanes that recently swept the Gulf and Caribbean happen, several gaming companies decided to selflessly contribute to the recovery efforts. To generate funds, they're offering a variety of RPGs and supplements for sale and contributing the proceeds to a range of charitable organizations.

Hurricane Harvey and Houston, Texas Relief
In September, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund RPG Bundle raised $24,225 for Houston's Harvey Recovery Fund and the Coastal Bend DRGF. Legendary Games, who also contributed to the HHRF RPG Bundle, provided another bundle that their business director, Rachel Ventura, stated, "raised over $600… ALL the proceeds go to benefit three terrific local charities, the Southeast Texas Food Bank, Montrose Center in Houston for LGBTQ youth, and Teachers of Tomorrow!"

Goodman Games' DCC RPG Hurricane Harvey Charity [Bundle] provides gamers with three Dungeon Crawl Classics and all proceeds go "to benefit the American Red Cross for Harvey recovery. The bundle is specially priced to contain three popular adventures at a discount of more than 70% off regular price! And all three modules have water encounters - exactly what your DCC RPG characters will want while Harvey is on their mind."

Using their monthly charitable giving initiative, Green Ronin supplied A Song of Ice and Fire RPG line to support Houston Food Bank and Houston Humane Society. Green Ronin plans to offer a new initiative this month to support Puerto Rico.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria and Puerto Rico Relief
In October, the focus is on the struggle in Puerto Rico after the island was hit with two hurricanes. Aegis Studios is offering the Puerto Rico Direct Relief [Bundle] until October 15th, 2017. "All proceeds from the sale of this bundle (70% of the listed price is Aegis Studios' proceeds) will be donated to Direct Relief to aid the people of Puerto Rico in this time of crisis."

Nightingale Publishing is donating all proceeds company-wide to Unidos por Puerto Rico. "From now until October 15th, all net proceeds from our tabletop role-playing games made by Nightingale Publishing will go to the relief efforts."

Starting this week, the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Bundle will be available. The bundle features content from over 50 publishers for $25 (for $420.85 worth of gaming product) and the proceeds will go to GlobalGiving's Puerto Rico and Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund.

RPG Creator Assistance
If you're a tabletop RPG creator in need of direct assistance, the RPG Creators Relief Fund, INC. is accepting applications from those creators that are "suffering hardship due to medical emergencies, natural disasters, and other catastrophic situations." They're there to help, and if you want to support this charity, they have RPG bundles to fund their projects.

The gaming industry is making some of its best products available and contributing the money to benefit those that need it most. While offering fun at the gaming table, this generosity is helping those in need. EN World wants to thank every fan, creator, and publisher for their contribution.

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