Gauntlet Challenge



Come One Come All! Test your mettle against The Gauntlet!! This Complex Gnomish collaboration will test all your skills and may even give you a shave if you step wrong! You will have to pass through seven challenges of various difficulty to prove your worth! Swinging axes, rolling logs and jets of fire are but a few of the suprises youll find within The Gauntlet!

((The gauntlet will be held August 14th from 3-9PM Pacific time in the Arena. Bring your best champions to compete!

Rules: Each character (not player) is allowed only one chance at the gauntlet, though you may enter with other charcters thereafter. At each challenge you wil be asked to prompt the dicebot, Warden to roll a D100 and the number rolled will be how well or badly you handle the current challenge. If you roll a 1, which is typically a failure, you will have a chance to re-roll to recover and see if you make it through anyhow. If, on your re-roll you do not roll higher than a 5 please assume you have taken an appropriate injury and will be unable to continue in the challenge.The numbers rolled will represent your points for the event. Nashira and her assistant will be keeping a running total of each character's points. The character with the most points at the end of the day is the winner. If there is a tie at the end, the tied characters will run through one more time, prompting warden to roll a d100 at each event and as before each number will be added to the total. The one with the most points wins! Remember folks! Roleplay it up!))

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Bhryn Astairre

Comes by this and well, cracks her knuckles with a most evil giggle...

"Right then Dragona... this time we'll see who shrieks the loudest... oh yes..."

Signs both herself and Dragona onto the bottom of the sheet. As an afterthought, she also signs it as 'Dragona Nightsky - If Destroyed, Still Competing.".


First Post
*The elf grumbles as she shuffles to the corkboard, scribbling under Bhryn's scrawl..*

Kyra Carnette..

"Blasted Kyra.. making me write her down for this.." *Shuffles off again.*

Epic Threats

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