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Hi everyone,

I had a question about GenCon, and I thought this was the best place to put it. Moderators, feel free to move it to a better place.

I'm thinking about attending Gencon this year (I attended 2006-07 but skipped 08). Is there any hotel rooms that can be reserved by the GenCon Housing code?

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Should be, but don't count on getting anything downtown - I think they all sold out pretty much as soon as housing registration opened up.

If you have a car with you and don't mind commuting in from somewhere near the ring freeway, there'll be lots of places - and way cheaper than downtown! But if you don't have a car, might be kinda stuck.

Check on the GenCon website Gen Con LLC : Home , click on GenCon Indy, then click "community", then "forums", then "travel housing and dining" - there's sometimes people posting in there looking for roommates or looking to unload a hotel room 'cause they find they can't make it.

Lan-"65 days and counting"-efan

Hand of Evil

Also IF you contact the GenCon housing, you can get on a waiting list, the issue with this is that room close to the center free up two weeks or less prior to GenCon!


I also have a fold out in my Embassy suite, if anyone wants to split room costs.

Not first come first serve. Due to past experience, I will go with people I know first. :cool:


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Last time I went, I had to get a place outside the city because everything was booked already, and I just ended up taking cabs to and from the convention center. No traffic to speak of, since it was either after the morning rush hour or really late at night, and it probably took about 20 minutes each way. All together, it probably still cost less than if I'd gotten a comparable room downtown.

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