Genesys Generic Narrative Dice RPG (from FFG)


Fantasy Flight Games has some epic news for fans of "Edge of the Empire" dice-based narrative role play. One word: "Genesys".

It all begins with character creation (doesn't it always). Genesys allows you to create a character using four different archetypes that can be applied to many different settings.
These archetypes provide the basis for your character, whether they are a skilled laborer or a haughty intellectual, an aristocrat or average human.


And of course, those funky dice that some absolutely love while others hate. To each their own, but still great for meta-gaming options.


An Innovative System

The Narrative Dice System provides dramatic results to every challenge. With every skill test, players will roll in a dice pool featuring a variety of different dice.

Dice can also be upgraded with story points; at the start of a session, players receive one story point for every player, and the GM receives one story point for their own pool.

Unlimited Adventure

The Narrative Dice System can be used in a variety of different settings, and the Genesys Core Rulebook provides a starting point with five wildly different genres.

Take to the skies as a pirate in a steampunk adventure, dive into modern military combat, or explore the unknown galaxy. The adventure begins with Genesys. One book, unlimited adventure.