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Geography around Orussus


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I am considering submitting an adventure and I have question about the geography around Orussus. I have found a very nice map of the surrounding area at the Enworld Wiki.

It appears that the Orussus is at the tip of Elbereth sound and that there are several large islands at the mouth of the sound.

Does anybody know the size of the sound and of these islands. Do they have names? Would it be possible to place one or more small, mysterious islands in the sound or near the large mapped islands?


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There is a 50 mile scale marker in the bottom left of the map. At this scale, I think a small island, even 5 to 10 miles across at widest, would hardly show up. There are unmarked islands in Lake Kithsul, for sure. If an island were not near Orussus or the Vastermarch cities, then I'd say it could easily be not only unmarked but also generally unknown to inhabitants of the mainland.

I am not aware of any names for the islands in the Sound. I could wish a name other than Elbereth had been chosen, too, but there we are.

There was an adventure titled The Island of Varras'zul, located on an island "one week's sail west of Orussus" (which is not quite 350 miles), large enough for a 2 to 3 day march through jungle and swamp. This still might only be 10 miles across, I guess. It's almost certainly not one of the three large islands, though it is well enough known that a very amateur bard knows of it.[sblock=obligatory Warbrayvian aside]We might have sailed Lake Kithsul
Chasing pirates for our pleasure,
Or voyaged to far off Varras’zul,
To claim its hidden treasure.
Past Ravensdale we’d have dropped our sails
To hear the wond’ring joy
Of splashing folk with silver tails
Who raised me as a boy.
Yet these lands would not suffice:
If it was in our power
We’d have seen at last the shining ice
That guards the Water Tower.

But they took my ship away from me
And left my longing for the sea.[/sblock]

Rae ArdGaoth

Oh, and to answer your question about adding an island: it's a matter of personal preference, but DMs have neither been shy of nor discouraged against simply making new stuff up, even if it doesn't really fit into the world.

I think the standard LEW explanation is: On Enworld, time and space are not as static as they are on Earth, and its people, having known it to be no other way, simply take its weird time warps and space fluctuations in stride.

That said, I myself prefer to do a bit of research and try to use existing geography when I can, but there's really nothing stopping you from dropping a mysterious island anywhere in the world. =)

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