Ghostfire Gaming the first kickstarter to use the SRD 5.1 from CC?

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Yeah. This is going to get really confusing. 5E compatible supplements and games now go in the TTRPG forum...except for the ones that don't. For reasons.


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So, we should note that "Using 5.1cc" doesn't mean "5e compatible". IIRC, Mutants and Masterminds used the 3e OGL, but you wouldn't call it compatible with D&D in any meaningful way. And that image does not say anything like "compatible with the world's most popular RPG" or the like, so I assumed it was a stand-along game, not a supplement for 5e.

Ultimately, what license they use isn't material. What game they are supposed to work with is.

And, I have no control over what tags exist. That's an admin thing, not a mod thing.


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From the Kickstarter description it's expanding on the Grim Hollow setting and expanding the 5E content they have produced.

"Grim Hollow: Valikan Clans - New 5e Kickstarter from Ghostfire Gaming."


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I get that but I think CC licensed games that are meant for D&D compatibility will be a thing. Every other CC game can go elsewhere.

And I know about the tag thing. I’ll make a formal request at some point.

Wanted your opinion.

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