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Someone asked for this earlier. Here is a high res pdf with the first 25 monsters. Some are my own creation for my own Felk More megadungeon, and others are conversions. I realize that on some of them, the specific monster design formula for 5e isn't followed, but the monsters work perfectly fine. Also I just noticed there are a couple ones in there with an old format (using level instead of CR). They're still workable, but you'd have to figure out a CR for them.
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Any love for living spells in the new rules? I always wanted to play an a awakened Mage Hand spell. And what of the illithidae? I love the look on a player's face when the party is surprised by an Embrac...


Here is the Son of kyuss. This was harder than I thought, and I can't say I'm all that happy with it. One of those problems where you have a relatively low level monster with a ton of special abilities, and how to change it in terms of 5e. For example, the attack is a lot lower than most cr2 creatures, but it has a ton of other effects that make up the difference.

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These are great, I'm going to be running Slave Lords in 5e pretty soon and converting some the old monsters fairly is challenging. I think right away there's the Sundew and later the Aspis.

I'm a CS 6 user so I'd be very interested in how you set up your template or using your template if you choose to share it.


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Has anyone converted any of the B/X monsters to 5e? There are B/X monsters that have not been updated in the 5e Monster Manual? I'm so clumsy at it and it is taking me FOREVER to convert them.

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