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Alright... Well... I can't figure out how to attach.... stuff.


There is a nice banner in the images slideshow now...

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Not to rain on anyone's parade, but do we need a website? If I've followed the progress of the GMF, isn't this the fourth iteration? From WoTC to EnWorld DMF to EnWorld GMF to a hosted forum (Thanks Y.O!). How many people do we think will follow this to another site? I'm not trying to be a downer, just asking a legitimate question (for once!).

Mission continues.


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lol. Well it was more of an, (In addition) thing. I guess, when you join the GMF, In addition to the forums, you get a website with live chat. I should think there should be a way to submit articles for the Site though..

(I also added a funny story to the words of wisdom section)

"The Counterattack"
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I do wholeheartedly agree with derbacher. I propose to keep building interest around the GMF here in this forum until it can't meet our demands; until we actually need a complete website.

But I'm not saying either that Xen's draft should be turned down. Keep making adjustments and who knows when it may come in handy. Besides, who knows if it will attract some traffic?

Xen155 said:
We are looking for anyone else with HTML knowledge to lend a hand.
Count me in Xen. I can't help much with the forum topics because I dont GM since March, much less play. But technical stuff, that's ok. I know HTML, CSS (damn easy anyways), PHP, mySQL, and Actionscript. Some of my credits include:

Dungeon Delver's Guide

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