Gnomish Wrath: A tale of two unlucky Lycans


First Post
Caldoryn blinks in confusion, "Another? I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but there is nobody else."
Blythe says, "I'm not dissapointed. I'm relieved, now why the cold shoulder?".
Blythe is being very matter-of-fact with him right now.
Caldoryn shrugs and lays back down. "I'll tell you when you come sit by me."
Hadiya Perched on a treebranch in the distance, she sits with an unusually large steampunk style crossbow,
complete with an odd scope and a large chamber that resembles the chamber to a revolver, a gnomish invention
no doubt. She watches the pair silently from the distance, pondering as she observes. She raises a brow, knowing
she will eventually get her perfect shot, and she will, regardless of how long she'd have to wait.
Caldoryn is unawares of any predators in the area and he's feeling quite relaxed after a considerable bear kill
Blythe growls yet again and does not notice she's being watched. She moves and very snail like because she's
stalling she finally makes her way toward him. Sitting near to him she watches him with her dark silver eyes.
"Why do you dislike me?"
Caldoryn plucks a flower and smells it, then another and another. "I never disliked you..just the wolf who claims
to protect you."
Blythe has to think on this one, "Locdonan or Jack?" looks sheepish as she says BOTH.
Caldoryn crushes the flowers in the palm of his hand and drops them to the side. A low rumbling in his throat
sounds more from a wolf than a man.
Blythe sighs and facepalms, "No one has claimed me, Cald. I'm an Alpha to you. I chose 'our' pack. Locdonan
helped me with the hunter last week. Jack was there to heal me. I told you I have other suitors. I explained this
already.. "
Caldoryn says dismissively "One abandoned you, the other knows less about our ways than a vampire."
Caldoryn chuckles, "Quite a pair of suitors."
Blythe has to agree with both those statements. "I detest Loc. But I am thankful he was there. I care for Jack.
He's been my friend through the worst. "
Blythe growls back at him raising up on her knees defensively, "Nonetheless; I'll not be an easy claim for ANY
wolf. " raises her chin defiantly while her eyes narrow.
Caldoryn rolls to one side and sits up, watching her intently with his luring eyes. Winks at her, "I never expected
it to be easy...just expected more from my competition."
Blythe huffs and stands moving from him again, "This is chaotic. What have I gotten myself and my pups into?"
turns to face him crossing arms over her chest, "I've turned both down already."
Caldoryn licks a bit of dried blood on the edge of his mouth from the bear. Watches her storm off again and can't
help but smile and say comfortingly, "Your pups are just fine, Blythe. They like me and I like them. Especially
Saeran, the quiet one."
Hadiya Raises as brow as she watches the exchange through her scope and begins silently mouthing the word
-pups- until a sly grin crosses her face once she has her realization.
Blythe rolls her eyes, "They're pups, they like everyone! They even like Honor and she's daft!"
Caldoryn snickers, "Nay, Honor just needs to acclimate to the pack. She means well, just been hiding as a
human for too long."
Blythe says, "Like Jack?".
Caldoryn 's face darkens and he grinds his teeth. "No, nothing like that raving fool. At least Honor has the guts to
learn about our ways and rediscover her roots as a Lycan. Jack's only focus seems to be you."
Blythe smirks, enjoying the turn of things. "You were upset with me because I did something wrong?"
Caldoryn huffs in prideful anger, "Yes, you did something wrong. You brought that scheming mutt to me and let
him claim to be your guardian. Your guardian! Hah, and he tells this to your Alpha."
Caldoryn says, "I almost tore his lungs out. That way I wouldn't have to hear anymore.".
Blythe moves toward him smirking evily, "Really? That's 'my' fault? You're jealous, Cald. And you don't know how
to deal with it."
Caldoryn eyes her in evident displeasure. Forcefully runs a hand through his hair, "It's not's my right!
You should tell that conniving bum that if he wants to claim anything over you, he should first join the pack. Only
then can he say what he wants about you to me, assuming he can usurp my position."
Blythe smiles before cracking up in laughter, "He'll stay my friend. I'm different, remember? Cald, what are you
trying to hide or keep from me? An Alpha can have feelings other than protectiveness for his pack."
Caldoryn gets up and paces for awhile before coming over to her bench with a straight face, "I've told you before,
the world isn't big enough for you and me with another man. If only you would decide who is fit to be your mate
and paternal caretaker for your pups, all of my objections would end."
Caldoryn immediately bites his tongue, realizing he divulged more than he really wanted to.
Senesaw makes his way out of the tavern his scepter held lazily in his hand
Blythe frowns in confusion, "I told you only moments ago I turned them BOTH down. That leaves...?" looks at him
like he's got two heads.
Caldoryn blinks as he seems to recall exactly what she said. Remembers it now and looks back at her with a
mixture of guilt and satisfaction. "Oh..must have slipped right by me."
Blythe wrinkles her nose in a sarcastic smile, "Must have." then rolls her eyes and begins her way out arms
folded over her chest and headed for the tree Haddie's in.
Caldoryn comes over to the tree as well, still buzzing with a smile. "Well, I guess an apology is needed. I take
back what I said about your friend Jack."
Blythe smiles at him, "I thought you would."
Caldoryn says, "So long as he doesn't come between me and what I want - I won't bother to hunt him down.".
Hadiya Narrows her eyes and breathes in to still her heart rate before pulling the trigger on her gnomish crossbow
and firing a long arrow aimed for Blythe's chest.
Hadiya Jumps from her tree and scrambles off into the woods.
Blythe here's the click but is too late and turns slightly the arrow slicing through her ribs on her right side. She
falls to the ground holding the area where the arrow sliced her up as the arrow then pegs into the base of a tree.
Looks toward where Cald went wincing in pain. Her hand and now garment is covered in her own blood.
Hadiya Finds another position and climbs to a suitable branch, aiming at the pair to see if she hit her target.
Caldoryn (repost) sighs as he leans back against the tree below Hadiya. "I think the pack is grow-" Is cut off
presumably by an arrow fired at Blythe. Snaps his head up to presumably find Hadiya and howls fiercely - his
whole face contorting into black fur and sharp teeth. Literally tears out of his own clothing and claws up the tree
after Hadiya.
Blythe is still on the ground in shock that she was yet again wounded by a hunter. She doesn't know it's the
same hunter! Grunting as she stands she takes out her scimitar fromt he sheath with her left hand.
Hadiya Grins as the wolf begins to climb, she aims the crossbow down and hits a button on the side of the stock
causing the revolving chamber to rotate as she rapidly fires a barrage (5) of arrows directly down at the man,
having not realized they were that close, perhaps she needs to check her scope.
Caldoryn is lampooned by 5 arrows, three of them finding their marks in his black hide. Just before his ungraceful
fall, he attempts to swipe at the foot she anchors on the branch, possibly making her lose balance.
Blythe moves, attempting to soften Cald's fall if possible. Is heroic.
Caldoryn is a hefty wolfy and gives Blythe a thud as he lands.
Hadiya Stumbles a bit and grabs onto another branch, now hanging in midair. With her free hand, she aims the
crossbow at the pair and fires another series (5) of arrows down at them.
Caldoryn now takes his turn at heroics and absorbs the brunt of the arrow volly, though only two hit this time over
his backside.
Caldoryn grunts loudly and is visibly hobbled.
Blythe groans, not thinking he'd be that hefty and moves out from under him after the next attack. "Must get her
out of the tree..." she mutters and makes for the tree to climb the branches. Is still in humanoid form but is easily
able to climb.
Hadiya Drops the crossbow and begins climbing up the tree. She reaches in her belt and pulls out a strange rod,
and after striking it with a flint she drew, the rod illuminates. She wedges the rod in the tree and looks down at the
wolf and then to Blythe.
Blythe is climbing like a monkey.
Hadiya Draws her blade, which oddly enough does not illuminate like how it did last time and stabs down at
Blythe, giving up her position for a good offensive.
Caldoryn doesn't attempt to climb again, having two arrows struck his hindquarters already. Looking up at Hadiya
in the tree, he shuts his yellow eyes and concentrates. The red calligraphy branded over his body pulsates dimly
as a spell is cast. Directly above Hadiya, the illusion of an enormous, poisonous viper snake appears rearing its
triangular head to snap at her.
Hadiya Blinks to see the snake and stumbles from the tree, falling right onto Caldoryn regardless of whether she
hit Blythe or not.
Caldoryn is helpless to the fall as he was concentrating. Is pancaked below Hadiya - the snake vanishes once
his concentration is broken.
Hadiya Tries scrambling off the man while looking up at Blythe.
Blythe growls moving to the side to escape one blow before climbing another branch. Is swiped on the next
branch and takes a slash to her right arm. Curses loudly before starting for another branch, her scimitar sheathed
for the climb. Sees the snake and for a brief moment confusion goes through her pretty face before she puts Cald
to the snake. Then watches Haddie fall with a yelp of surprise. Begins her decent quite quickly.
Caldoryn wonders how many more falls these wolves must take??
Blythe more than a few more.
Hadiya Scrambles to her feet and moves to place her back against the treetrunk, aiming her blade at the pair.
Blythe lands on the ground after a long moment of decending and unsheaths her scimitar moving to stalk Haddie.
Caldoryn gets up on all four paws, and sneezes through his snout. Flanks Hadiya on the opposite side of Blythe
and makes ravenous snaps in the air to intimidate. Communicates through telepathy, o_O ( You were foolish to
take on both of us, hunter. You must be getting overconfident. )
Hadiya Grins at Blythe, noting her injuries and remains pressed against the tree. "Cowardly dog, it takes more
than a protective mut to rid the world of me..." she adds, hoping to ignite the woman's rage. She looks toward
Caldoryn and smirks, drawing a small dagger to compensate for the pair.
Blythe watches the female intently, her blade ready.
Blythe 's rage does rise but she steadied it, knowing it was her downfall in the last fight. Chuckles darkly giving a
pleasant smile to her moving a bit closer with her blade.
Caldoryn growls lowly, preparing himself on shakey legs to pounce, wincing in the eyes from the multiple arrow
wounds. o_O ( Surrender and we might avoid removing your limbs. )
Blythe says, "Would do it regardless, Cald.".
Hadiya Laughs "I would have it no other way." she adds, keeping her back pressed against the tree, knowing to
charge them would be foolish.
Caldoryn grins as much as a wolf can and delivers the first provovation by leaping at Hadiya, his jaws prominently
aiming for the wrist holding the dagger. He attempts to latch the jaws around it to disarm the weapon.
Blythe is steady still despite her two wounds (right ribs and arm). Notes Cald's attack but holds her blade still,
waiting her turn at the hunter.
Hadiya Cries out as Caldoryn bites into her wrist, she drops the dagger and yanks at the wolf, while fighting the
urge to turn her sword on him.
Blythe sees the sword and turns usuing her left hand with the scimitar to knock the sword away.
Caldoryn stays fixed on her wrist despite the yanking and begins to grind his teeth into her skin.
Hadiya While unable to pull herself free, the sword is knocked from her hand due to the imense amount of pain
she is under or was it ? She drops to one knee and her cries further as she pulls franticly from the gnome.
Blythe growls lowering her scimitar blade to the hunter, "Cald, your call."
Caldoryn moves his oversized form to pin her to the ground, bringing the wrist in his jaws behind her back in a
suppressing manuever.
Caldoryn o_O ( You seem to know this one, Blythe. )
Blythe sways a bit in excitement, her thoughts racing. Perhaps two kills in one day, an alpha only dreams of this
stuff most days.
Blythe nods, "This is the same hunter who attacked me last week. " growls bending down to view the hunter
closely, "She heard me speak of the pups."
Caldoryn pulls violently on Hadiya's wrist to hopefully make her scream.
Hadiya Her cries slowly become laughter as Caldoryn might notice rubble in his teeth instead of flesh. As she's
surpressed, she grins "Into the fire and onto the next life, the wolves were now pure..." says the tricky hunter or
was she really that at all ? Meanwhile on the other side of the clearing, just past the treeline, Hadiya stands next
to a large siege-like catapault holding a boulder covered in black oil. The woman holds a torch and a scope, and
after seeing the makeshift flare in the tree
Hadiya She lights the boulder and kicks at a latch, releasing a ball of flame at their proper coordinates.
Marcus mkaes his way toward the stands holding a half full bottle of whiskey blinking at the siege weaponry
Caldoryn looks puzzled at this turn of events and can only go slack jawed as a catapult is fired. With all his
remaining strength, he attempts to pounce at Blythe to push her clear of the incoming explosion.
Hadiya Still holds the hope for some amount of collateral damage.
Blythe is taken off guard, her hopes dashed at perhaps killing the hunter. Is pushed to the side by Cald but still
gets some damage of course :)
Caldoryn is blown completely off the ground and sent flailing into the tree, getting stuck amidst the branches
while looking totally cooked.
Hadiya Watches from a distance as flames erupt in all directions. She grins and climbs onto her camel while
drawing her blade and preparing for a charge. "Yella!" she screams, dashing forth and breaking through the
treeline en route to the couple.
Caldoryn is rendered back into his human form, seeming unconscious at the moment,.
Blythe is flung to the side though still conscious and groans crawling toward Cald not noticing the camel quiet yet.
Blythe yea, quiet. Quite*
Hadiya Turns the mount and heads for Blythe, she nears and climbs off one the steed slows to a stop. She aims
her blade as she stalks the woman. "Do you remember when I told you I have been sent to purge your evil from
this land ?" she asks while nearing Blythe.
Blythe is weak, a little too weak. Coughs blood as before and sits up watching the hunter with narrowed eyes.
She grumbles, "Yes.." her eyes then flicker toward her scimitar a few feet from her and her hopes dash just that
much more.
Hadiya Grins and adds "Did you think I was a comedian ?" she says in a dark tone before lunging at the woman
in a stabbing motion downward at her stomach area.
Blythe growls, "Nay, I thought you a ---" moves as fast as she can as she notices the woman moving as well.
Leans back furthe ron her shoulders and kicks up at her while the blade of the hunter slashes into her side just
under her ribs on her left side this time. Winces in pain as she twists and begins to crawl for her scimitar.
Rajak strolls out of the tavern on that cue, investigating the sounds of conflict.
Caldoryn wakes in a woozy haze of ash and cinder. Takes note of his wounds and coughs. His natural healing
has stopped the bloodflow but not the gaping surface wounds. Peers down at the hunter staking Blythe.
Hadiya Blinks and stumbles back until she is on her rear. She looks at her hand to notice her blade is not there
and that it crawls with Blythe toward her weapon.
Blythe pauses and shrugs a bit taking the hunter's blade for her own. She then moves toward the hunter slower
than what would be normal for her.
Marcus shifts in the stands setting down his bottle and bringing his hand crossbow to bear as he watches the
Hadiya Scrambles to her feet and balls her fists, making a boxer's stance as she awaits Blythe.
Caldoryn eases out of the tree with an agonizing grunt and lands beside Blythe's scimitar. Scoops it up and
follows behind Blythe slowly.
Hadiya Eyes the pair and draws out a dagger as her previous golem had one, it is only fit she has one as well
and in an act of desperation, she lunges at Blythe holding the dagger downward and high, leaving her stomach
open as she is hoping to stab the woman's upper region.
Blythe can feel Cald near her and grins at Haddie. "Your turn." Moves the blade to her left hand and closes her
eyes to relax herself for just a moment before moving to land on her foot and counter the woman's lunge. Twists
weakly almost falling and wincing at her wounds before kicking out with her other leg.
Hadiya Blinks as she's kicked to the ground and hurls the dagger at Caldoryn's general vicinity, it was a reckless
Rajak strokes his chin as he watches the combat.
Caldoryn The dagger does miss thankfully and Cal finally arrives beside Blythe. Moves towards Hadiya and aims
to deliver the same impalement she gave to Blythe.
Blythe frowns watching Haddie fall and the dagger soar. Growls and kicks at Haddie again angerly.
Blythe thinks Haddie's gonne get double the pleasure on that one?
Hadiya Blinks as she's impaled and apparently stomped by Blythe, but the golem has one more trick. She
reaches into her eyesocket and pulls out the faulty eyeball, throwing it softly into the air so that it's still close. The
eyeball explodes, sending chili powder in every direction.
Hadiya Adds the fact she's severly damaged as Blythe's foot crumbles her chest into rubble, thus giving her a
small window of time to to that before dying.
Caldoryn is unavoidably doused with chili powder, hopefully not getting any in his eyes!
Blythe watches the eye as her foot stomps down. She blinks in surprise as the eye explodes and she's
consumed in chili powder. Mouth, nose, eyes, ears, whatev. She's covered and begins to cough and rub at her
eyes. An occasional sneeze as well.
Blythe isn't that lucky!

A rather unusual sight could be seen atop the tavern, a gathering of a hundred gnomes sitting in little
stands and watching the action. As the golem is beaten they cheer in a tun that would remind our players of
Mr.Wonka's umpa lumpa's."Little gnomes who love their tricks! Sent the little doggies flying into the sticks! If you
are not careful you will be burned! But it's nothing compared to when Hadiya returns!" As they finish their rhyme, the crowd cheers and begins a celebration, some even bringing small mugs full
of gnomish ale so they could toast to a successful experiment. The crowds grows more out of control, a small
band shows up to play a happy tune while pyrotechs launce little fireworks into the sky, exploding them into
multiple colored flowers of flame. Little couples begin dancing and clapping and a mechanical bird glides from the
sky, breaking down into a makeshift bar and buffet.

Blythe can't see the gnomes but sure does hear them. Fallign to her knees in a wince she hurridly wipes at her
burning eyes with chili covered hands. She's not helping herself any.
Marcus looks to the gnomes seeming to wonder if he could make the climb
Rajak noticing the combat seems to be finished, he slowly begins to approach. He pulls out a silken hankerchief
from his pocket and covers his lower face with it as he draws near.
Rajak crouches down to investigate the fallen Hadiya the golem, inspecting the handy work. He also loots what
the wolves haven't taken..
Marcus looks to Cal tossing his waterskin in that direction "Pop the corked end and squeeze cutter."
Blythe is taken by Cald and smelling the water reaches out for it to clear her eyes first. Is a sight to see. Tattered
clothing yet again, drenched in blood with slashes all over her middle section and her right arm.
Caldoryn curses and rubs his eyes until catching the waterskin and nodding graciously. First applies it on
Blythe's hands and face. As Rajak comes to scavenge, Cal stabs the scimitar into the ground nearby. "What are
you doing? That's our kill!"
Rajak looks up, "Hmm? Just checkin out the design craftsmanship."
Rajak pockets a few fingers.. also digs around to see if she has a coin purse..
Samm Makes his way in and pauses at the spectator area
Caldoryn winces as he moves to give Rajak a boot in the ass. "She might have something we need!"
Blythe sighs in relief as the chili powder is washed and looks about blinking a few times. Growls at Raj lowly
before pushing from Cald and testing her legs to hold her. Wobbling weakly she grabs her sides and winces,
some odd reason she's not healing.
Samm Looks to see what exactly is going on
Rajak continues to survey the defeated golem, "Besides.. its quite obvious. With each time you defeat her, she
just come back improv.. hey?!" He would blink and scoot away, flinching from the kick.
Rajak stands up quickly, takes a step back and holds up his hands. "Alright! Alright.."
Marcus sighs softly as he makes his way toward Blythe
Blythe mutters, "Two kills.." sighs gently and looks up at Marcus as he nears. She instantly goes on the
defensive and eyes him warily.
Caldoryn eyes Rajak suspiciously, "Did you know this hunter? When will she stop?"
Samm Furrows his brow as he hears the word hunter mentioned..He moves towards the group then
Marcus holds his hands to the side "Easy there cutter, I'f I was yer enemy I'd have put a bolt in yer arse while yeh
was still lyin on it."
Rajak nods to Marcus, "I think that guy is moving on her girlfriend. But as to your question, why sure. Of course I
know her. I pretty much know alot of things."
Samm Pauses a about five paces away
Samm Looks to Caldoryn and Blythe
Samm says, "what happened?".
Blythe 's gaze flickers to Samm and she gives a small nod to him before her eyes go back to Marcus, "Thank
you for your water."
Marcus smirks as he nods back to Rajak "That one is all knowing, cause everyones in 'is pocket."
Caldoryn looks over Hadiya's golem remains and sorts through the rubble for anything of interest. Looks up at
Samm and shakes his head, "Hunters..again."

The gnomish celebration on the top of the tavern grows out of control, complete with drunken minatures
pointing at the group and laughing, some offer rude comments while others offer rude hand gestures. The music
grows and they celebrate their victory accordingly.

Blythe looks up at the little ones in confusion before smirking at Cald's actions.
Marcus says, "leans toward Blythe looking at her wounds".
Rajak taps his chin. "Fascinating. More hunters. The last occasion of dealing with hunters.." He looks curiously
between Caldoryn and Blythe, inspecting their injuries.
Samm Furrows his brow and then heads for the Garden..o O(Seems i missed the party again)
Blythe is indeed wounded and more of her than need be is seen with her clothing in tatters. Also, drenched in her
own blood.
Caldoryn has 5 arrows, thankfully not silver-tipped over his back and thighs. They limit his mobility. A rather
serious 2nd degree burn on his chest and neck area.

The lesson of today's story is simple: "Beware the gnomes."

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