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Good weapons for Aquatic Elf Ranger?

Dave G

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Until 3.5 comes out, I'm stuck playing the 3.0 Ranger, and my new character's an aquatic elf Ranger. Since I get the TWF and Ambi feats virtually, I'm trying to find a good combination of weapons to use for double wielding.

To me, the trident smacks me as a good choice of weapon, but I'm not sure how well it could be dual wielded... and I'm really not sure what to match up with it.

The campaign won't be all underwater, but the penalties of using slashing/bludgeoning weapons underwater are a consideration.

Anybody got any ideas? I'm wanting some flavor here, and I'm willing to take an exotic weapon proficiency if it makes it better.


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I dont have my copy of Races of Faerun handy, but there are a lot of aquatic weapons and armor detailed within. There is an aquatic bow and I believe some coral weapon or plate armor or something....

In terms of flavour......I dont know about the TWF, but I dig the trident idea. I also like the net. Toss a net on a bad guy and then stabby stabby with the trident. Do it to a fisherman and OH the irony.

Hmmmm what else. Ill post again when I look through RoF.



How about a hand-held underwater crossbow that uses giant sea urchin spines for bolts? Perhaps a trident encrusted with fire coral (used one in my undersea game)? Gauntlets studded with shark's teeth or fitted with the beaks of giant squids might be menacing.

Or, use nature as your ally. Needlefish have been known to impale people wading in the surf. Cone shells pack a deadly sting.

Dave G

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Thanks for the help so far, do you think it's reasonable (not in game terms) to weild a trident one handed? That's one problem I have with using that one...

I've thought about a rapier for one weapon, but I can't picture an off-hand weapon besides the main-gauche, and I don't know if they exist in 3E


If you adjust the trident to reflect the new size necessary for one handed use (sort of like going from a halfspear to a short spear...), you should have no problem using it one handed. Plus, if you do that, consider using a shield in conjuction with your two-weapon style.


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The trident and net were a popular choice for gladiators, and is right up this guy's alley.

Tridents are medium size martial weapons, thus wielded with one hand. Nets are medium size exotic weapons, but aquatic elves are proficient with trident, long spear and net, instead of swords and bows.

If you have access to The Quintessential Fighter, there's a fighting style (Mostern) that uses trident and net.


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The D&D rules would permit a shield, but that seriously stresses suspension of disbelief. The last thing you'd want in an underwater fight would be a big surface that resists a huge area of water and either tugs your arm up (wood) or down (metal). Plus, metal rusts and wood rots.

Instead, go the dual wield route with spiked gauntlets and rapier.

I like the idea of fanciful materials: the rapier could be an enchanted swordfish spine (very cool), while the spikes on the gauntlets could be shark teeth or stingray spikes. Best part of spiked gauntlets is that you can't be disarmed/you're always armed. When that shark swallows you whole, you'll be ready to slice your way out.

For armor choices, go with fish scales (for flavor); it can arguably be seen as Leather, Studded Leather (shell studs), Hide, or Scale.

Definitely get a crossbow and net.

Another thing to consider is a harpoon (from sword and fist). Nasty weapon.


Dave G

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Ooh, I like the idea of the spiked gauntlet, especially if the spines were made of another sea creature too! I had already been considering the rapier, so that should be a good combination.

Thanks for the help everyone, I think I'm a little closer to deciding what to use...


The tiefling mermaid in my undersea campaign uses a magical whip made from the remains of a kelpie (only way I'd allow a whip underwater). :D

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