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D&D 5E Goodman Games Announces Dark Tower for 5E and DCC


I crit!
I've admired Jennell Jaquays designs since before I knew who she was. I was so sad when they were no longer available. But now the Dark Tower is and hopefully more will be!

From Goodman Games

We here at Goodman Games love bringing the classic adventures of tabletop’s formative era to the contemporary RPGers of today. In fact, we’ve just recently announced our latest classic conversion project at Gary Con, during the “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar, but we couldn’t wait to share a little bit more with you.
The new edition will feature new cover art by Sanjulian.


So step back in time with us to 1980 and have a crawl through the only non-TSR module to ever make Dungeon Magazine’s cut as one of ‘the greatest D&D modules of all time:’ Dark Tower. Goodman Games has acquired Dark Tower from the Judges’ Guild, and will republish it in fully converted 5E and DCC RPG editions later this year. Director of Product Development Chris Doyle will lead the conversion to 5E, and original Dark Tower creator Jennell Jaquays will be included in design work on the new edition.


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I crit!
I've asked if the original will be made available again in PDF and if the new book will have articles and history like an OAR book.


They just remastered and did a deluxe version of Dark Tower a couple years ago.

Kind of disappointed. Was hoping to hear about the next OAR.

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