D&D 5E Update! Goodman Games Announces Dark Tower for 5E and DCC

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Golden Procrastinator
Yeah, I kind of thought it was three books because of supporting both games.
The first book is a scan of the original plus numerous essays. The second one is the converted adventure, the third one extra material that expands the adventure. The first one, from my understanding, should be identical in the 5e and DCC versions, while the latter two are different.

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
I was tempted to just get the pdf for $50, but pulled the trigger for the hardcopy too.
Same. No idea if I’ll use it, but back in the day I always felt like the kid at the un-cool table (yes, even among early 80’s gamers) for not having experienced it.


Victoria Rules
I got the original Dark Tower a couple of years ago, and being a venerable module from the 70s, these things are not easy to read and digest. I managed to slowly grind down Caverns of Thracia to get a good understanding of that dungeon and what's going on there, but Dark Tower still eludes me.
Does anyone know of a decent overview and summary of the module? I always find it much easier to comprehend a module once I have a general understanding of the whole thing, but for Dark Tower I've never been able to find any such a thing.
Best approach, I think, is not to look at it as a story-like module with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Instead look at it as a random funhouse type of place where the characters can go in all kinds of different directions and no matter where they go, something cool and-or whimsical will await them there.

Put another way, other than a couple of sections there's little enough connection between the various rooms that taking a simple room-by-room approach is good enough. There is a write-up in the module on how the different deities interact and why they don't get along, which is worth reading if you intend to keep that backstory, but that's probably about all the pre-reading you need.


Victoria Rules
It's just a table which stairs connect to which stairs on another floor. Which the maps don't indicate and the text often doesn't mention.
I'm still trying to figure out where the cave entrance of the dungeon is.
Nothing stops you from adding an entrance wherever you like. I did, when I ran it, as for a bunch of reasons I wanted a back entrance leading to a different part of my game world.
This thing isn't just multiple dungeon levels stacked on each other, it's an atual 3D maze.
Yes, that's part of the point. :)
Level 1 has six connection to the village, four connections to level 2, one connection to level 3, one connection each to section A, C, and E, and two connections to section L.
Which in my view is excellent dungeon design!

One tip that might help you sort out the connections: photocopy the maps and write notes on those copies indicating which connection goes where.


I crit!
Cool! Jennell is writing new content for the Kickstarter!

Surprise Stretch Goal: KS-Exclusive Son of Set by Jennell Jaquays. I couldn’t mention this until today, but all KS backers will receive original content. It will ONLY be for backers of the KS. The update contains details.


Dungeon Delver's Guide

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