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From ICV2
Goodman Games will bring Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition Vol. 2, an RPG collection, to trade on March 29, 2022.
This second collector's edition volume (see "Goodman's Judges Guild Collection") in the series focuses in on the works of Jennell Jaquays. It includes the Dungeoneer zines, Dark Tower, The Caverns of Thracia, The Book of Treasure Maps, and more. This RPG book is printed in an oversized hardcover that has pages that are 13" by 18".

It will retail for $150.00.



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From the Goodman Games statement:

We have one remaining product to release, which is a collector’s edition focused on the works of Jennell Jaquays. Jennell’s story is one quite different from the views espoused by Bob Bledsaw Jr. Judges Guild and Bob Bledsaw Jr. have agreed to receive no royalties of any kind from this title. To say it bluntly: Bob Bledsaw Jr. and Judges Guild will not profit from the Judges Guild Deluxe Collector’s Edition Vol. 2 focused on the works of Jennell Jaquays. Goodman Games will match 20% of the proceeds of this title with donations: 10% to the Anti Defamation League and 10% to GLAAD. The funds that would have been used for a Judges Guild licensing fee will be included in this donation, as requested by Bob Bledsaw Jr.

After this final volume, we have no plans to release future Judges Guild titles.

We are deeply saddened and frankly horrified by the views espoused by Bob Bledsaw Jr.

So Bob Bledsaw Jnr (who owns JG following the death of his father) agreed that his royalties will go instead to the ADL & GLAAD.


Slumbering in Tsar
I just received mine and I'm disappointed. Unlike the first volume where every page is enlarged - making the details clear and the text easy to read - this volume shrinks the product pages to make multiple product pages fit on the single oversized page. What ends up happening is the product pages (which in some cases have very small type) are hard to read. Also, some of the product pages are in landscape mode, which means that in order to read them, you have to turn the book on its side (meaning you have to have a surface large enough to do so) and then either prop it up somehow or stand up and lean over the book to see the pages. I love the first one, and thought that this would be similar, but it's not.

Those interested may want to see it in person before buying.

That said, the non-product pages are like the first volume - nice and large with clear text. A lot of these pages have the background stuff and interviews, and that part is cool. I just wish the actual product pages were more reader-friendly (and thus more user-friendly).

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