D&D General Goodman Games Judges Guild Collectors Edition Volume 2

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Slumbering in Tsar
OK, just how big is this thing? :)


I think they are having shipping issues?
I saw this on social media. Goodman really needs to take care of this - somehow. They should deal with it for all their customers, obviously, but it's going to look especially bad considering how this is affecting a content creator in the OSR community.
Ship it, take a loss on it, and then don't let international backers get in this situation again.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I've backed a ton of Goodman Games stuff and never had a problem with shipping (to the US). I find it hard to believe they just don't care -- that goes against everything I've seen from them since the 3E days. That said, I totally buy them making the bad decision to clam up while they figure things out. Lots of folks panic and make a bad situation worse through bad PR choices.

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