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Goodman's Points of Light of 4e


Forked from: Necromancer Games-update by Orcus

Aus_Snow said:
Er. . .

I'm not quite sure how to process that one. If they're equally 3e products, AD&D products, etc., etc. . . . and they're marketed by the creators as systemless, or edition neutral, or something like that. . . hm. No, I just don't get it.

But hey, it's all good. Whatever works, and stuff.

edit --- Hrm, didn't realise that about PoL II. OK, well maybe that one *is* slightly 4e-ish. The first one, not one bit.
The two Point of Lights focuses on being settings that readily allow themselves to be dropped in a referee's campaign. It is esstentially edition neutral because the format doesn't support extensive stat blocks. It works for any edition of D&D because despite the rules changes over the years the various editions have similar assumptions in regards to the mix of character types and monsters.

They are more extensive version of the format presented by the Nentir Vale setting in the DMG and the snippets in the various modules. Unlike encounters, most setting information in 4th edition D&D has been presented in a 'lite' format.

Here what the stat blocks are like

For characters in PoL I and PoL II Marcus (Human Ftr 11)

For Monsters in PoL I (Orc 1 HD)
For Monsters in PoL II (Orc 1st level Minion)

Unlike adventure the time advantage of the Points of Light isn't me writing up stat blocks for you. The time advantage is creating several dozen locales that work in coodination to present a place for adventures far larger than the immediate surrounding of a dungeon. And you get four of these in each product for a total of eight. In addition I took care to leave room for the referee to customize the settings. They won't break if you decide to replace several of the locales with specific ideas of your own. Finally I added enough of a background so that if you decide to run with them all as a grand campaign you are able to do so.

You don't have to take my word for it there is a preview of much of Wildlands here. Goodman Games

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