D&D 5E Graveyard of the God - Explore the Corpses of Gods for Fun and Profit


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Hi folks. I'm excited to share that my company has just released Graveyard of the Gods for 5e!

Floating on the astral plane are the calcified bodies of gods long dead. Yet a spark of their divine power remains. These god-corpses are rich in magical resources waiting to be plundered, but they also give rise to strange environments and dangerous monsters.

Graveyard of the Gods is an anthology of adventures for 5e (Pathfinder 2e coming soon). Each is set on the massive corpse of a dead god. These adventures favor exploration and wonder, and you can run them independently or string them together for a campaign.

In this anthology heroes can:
  • Animate a gods corpse in Yob Gobbo.
  • Race magitech cars in Junk Racers.
  • Rescue miners trapped in a gravity defying mine in Cerebral.
  • Escape a primal jungle before being driven mad in Plight of the Arboreal.
  • Fight a never-ending battle in Isles of Mettle.
  • Escape a time loop in A Place Called Time.
  • Solve the mystery of disappearing citizens in The Crushing Hand.
  • Pit cult factions against each other in Dreams of Astral Evil.
In addition to the adventures, Graveyard of the Gods contains:
  • 15 new magic items
  • 16 new monsters
  • 11 NPC statblocks
  • 20 high-res maps
  • 47 tokens for use with any virtual table top
You can also purchase Graveyard of the Gods as part of the Sneak Attack 5e Bundle and save 33% off!

Graveyard of the Gods Cover: The massive corpse of a dead god floating in the astral plane.

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