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Great kickstarter video and project for people who likes DnD


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Take a look at this upcoming kickstarter campaign (launches MArch 27).


What do you think?

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I might back it. I like how they are thinking about making it playable with multiple player scenarios, including solo, PvP (1 on 1 to 4 on 4), co-op, and even making it playable even if someone has to leave early.

I also like that they've given thought to how setup effort can lead people to pass on games for those easier to get started playing with. The idea that the set up is part of the game play is nice.

I like that most of the game materials could be easily repurposed for DnD and PF use is also a plus. If I find that I don't like the game play, it isn't a total loss.

The only thing I don't know is whether the gameplay will be any good. I don't know if I need another small-scale miniature tactical war game in my life. The rules look pretty straight forward and shouldn't be hard to learn. But I don't know if they are deep enough to keep the replay value up.

All that said, it does seem like a good entry-level miniature war game to introduce to my kids....

Any idea when this will go live? If I go in for the full pledge, I would had to miss out on the extra for those that pledge in the first 24 hours.

EDIT: Goes live on March 27th
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