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Great new retro-clone - Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (free PDF)


From a regular at Dragonsfoot, the pdf download link is in the thread (or here http://www.dcrouzet.net/temporary/Fantastic-Heroes-Witchery_screen.pdf)


Perhaps closest to 1e in the essence of its rules, it borrows ascending armor class and such from 3e. But the most interesting thing is that it has races, classes and gear not just for traditional D&D style fantasy, but also sword & planet and "weird tales" (pulp)

Has a skill system, combat options for fighters, doesn't have traditional clerics (though that's an option for those in back), uses a variation of the wound/vitality point system. All things I quite like.

All in all, very well done. I haven't seen every retro clone, but I've seen a lot, and I'd say this ranks up there with the best.

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Well, that was fun
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Wow! That's an astonishing amount of work to be giving away for free! Very nicely put together (layout-wise - I haven't read it yet). And the whole thing OGL, which is always a bonus!


Whoa. This is impressive. This is EXACTLY what retro-clones should be doing - it's not "just" 1e, but includes notes on tieflings, a whole new set of races and classes (weird planet science fantasy)... Oh crap, there are variant priest and cleric classes hidden further on, including Agent of Law, Agent of Chaos, and Guardian of Neutrality!

I've got just about every retro-clone there is, and this might be the first one I buy as a physical book. Impressive as hell.


Looks good. The only caveat is that the name is rather awkward. I like what it means, but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
[MENTION=1]Morrus[/MENTION], I know that many in this digital age aren't like me, but seeing a whole PDF--and not just a preview--has never prevented me from buying a hardcopy. The only time I ever buy a digital version of an RPG is when it isn't available as a hardcopy, or is significantly cheaper. But being given a free hardcopy - whether this or, say, Eclipse Phase a couple years ago - doesn't actually prevent me from buying the book if I'm going to buy the book. It does help me decide, though, whereas otherwise if in doubt I just wouldn't but it at all.


I used both links, but it just won't open for me. (The Dragonsfoot page did, but not it's link.) Help? This sounds really neat!

Jan van Leyden

I used both links, but it just won't open for me. (The Dragonsfoot page did, but not it's link.) Help? This sounds really neat!

Try selecting "Save linked stuff as..." or something like that from the context menu of the link. It took ages to open in the PDF vierwer of the browser although the file had been downloaded completely and correctly.


The pdf lacks a full spell index, and the layout isn't optimized for reading onscreen or printing....but it's a 400+ page* free pdf. I'm not complaining, and it's a good way (IMO) for the author to give a full preview and still be able to add value to the purchased version.

*(The pdf has 200 pages, but each pdf page has two print pages.)
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