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Great new retro-clone - Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (free PDF)

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A fully bookmarked version of the Fantastic Heroes & Witchery PDF (with a table of contents, a general index, and a spell index for a total of 1500+ hyperlinks for swift and easy navigation) is now for sale on RPGnow at 7.50 $.

You can get it here: FH&W PDF on RPGnow.com


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I just put in an order for two printed copies of this book. After perusing the free PDF for a few days, I have to say that this is an excellent example of what I'd hoped would come of "retro clones".


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Sales update:

I just wanted to point out that the softcover POD book is no more available on Lulu (Lulu now sells only the hardcover). You can now get a softcover version on Amazon: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery - Softcover.

Amazon has its own POD service (i.e. Createspace). I got a copy: I think the paper and binding/spine quality are as per Lulu; interior pages are slightly better printed, in that all the grey shadings in the tables are now visible (which is very pale, almost nonexistent, in Lulu's version); cover art appears more crisp, but also darker, and I went for matte cover rather than glossy.

in the free download section you can now find a lot of goodies :)

my favourite is this one:

A free 20 pages document with 11 classes to use in FH&W. This is a major update and expansion of a former document that proposed the Agent of the Gods (i.e. cleric), Spellcasting Bard, Paladin, and War-mage, as they were found in older editions of the game. But now, this new document adds the Draconic Sorcerer, Shadowdancer, Swan Maiden, Warrior Monk, and others. The classes as they originally appeared, but still with a FH&W twist! Eleven Converted Classes – PDF​

FH&S free-downloads page
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