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Greek inspired resources


They're not out yet, but here are a couple of upcoming ones:

Hellenistika from Handiwork Games (Ken Hite is writing or co-writing it, with art by Jon Hodgson)

Odyssey of the Dragonlords from ex-Bioware designers Jesse Sky and James Ohlen, due out in September. The discussion thread is here, and the Kickstarter is here--they're accepting late pledges. It also has a free player's guide available on Drivethrurpg.
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If one is so inclined to do their own research (or looking for inspiration), then the Theoi Project is an invaluable resource. It's not a gaming site but it does extensively cover ancient Greek mythology (from the Greek gods to titans to mythological beasts, and more). I used it when I wrote up some B/X D&D specialty clerics several campaigns back.



The 2nd Edition AD&D Age of Heroes book for the Historical Reference series is jam packed with useful ideas, and who doesn't love jam?


We ran an entire Grecco-Roman campaign and it was a blast. The entire mythology of the region was there to play with, not just Greek and Roman, but any other culture the Roman empire had contact with: Egypt, Ireland/Scotland, North Africa, the middle east, the Norse, all of it.

With all of that in mind I have to say that the best source book I found was Bullfinch's Mythology.

We also had fun using the Internet for research. For example, I practiced my Google-Fu looking for maps of the Mediterranean world circa 500 AD (fall of the Roman Empire time), and printed several of out.

A gem we discovered doing that was that, map makers not having aerial photography available, the maps didn't always agree. One particular omission on one map was the entire island of Lesbos, which is at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean. Some maps had it, others didn't. So in our world it was an island that sometimes wasn't there: It faded and reappeared on an irregular basis.

Loads of fun, and a great piece of campaign flavor!


Testament (3e sourcebook) includes the Philistines, who share a root culture with the early-historical Greeks. They could be used as a 'living on the edges of the known world' people.
Green Ronin (authors of Testament) also tackled the Trojan War. The title escapes me (and I am afb) but Testament is part of the Mythic Vistas series of sourcebooks, so at least you have a place to start exploring.


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I don’t play 5Ed, but iI’ll point out that the floor plans for many ancient Greek structures* are available in tour books, etc. Some decades ago, I photocopied the map of the palace at Knossos on Crete onto some grid paper and used that for an adventure.

* and others around the world, of course.