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5E Green Ronin's Book of Fiends for 5E

Green Ronin has launched the crowdfunding campaign for their Book of Fiends -- a hardcover book of demons, devils and other assorted nasties.


These Planes of Perdition are home to the wickedest denizens of the multiverse and The Book of Fiends brings them crashing into your 5E campaign!

The original Book of Fiends came out back in the early-2000s for D&D 3.5. It compiled Legions of Hell, and Armies of the Abyss, Green Ronin's two previous books (the former was one of my favourite third party 3.5 books at the time).

This is a 200-page book with over 130 demons, devils, and over plane denizens, the Lords of Hell, Demon Princes, and Exarchs of Gehenna, and monsters from CR 0-31.

It's on GameOnTabletop, and you can grab the PDF for $25 or the hardcover for $50.


These Planes of Perdition are home to the wickedest denizens of the multiverse and The Book of Fiends brings them crashing into your 5E campaign! This 200+ page, beautifully illustrated, full-color hardback includes:
  • Details on the nine Lords of Hell, the seven Exarchs of Gehenna, and a plethora of Demon Princes.
  • Over 130 daemons, devils, demons, and other creatures of the Lower Planes.
  • Monsters with challenge ratings from 0 to 31; there are foes for characters of all levels.
  • Info on the celestial choirs and the fallen angels.
  • Details on the Abyss, Hell, and Gehenna and their place among the planes.
  • A fantastic new cover from Svetoslav Petrov and evocative interior illustrations from artists like Andrey Vasilchenko, Stanislav Dikolenko, and Katerina Ladon.
What’s more, all the rules and stats in The Book of Fiends were designed by Robert J. Schwalb (of Shadow of the Demon Lordfame), who was on the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition design team. The rest of the original design team is also stellar: Aaron Loeb (Book of the Righteous), Erik Mona (Paizo Publishing), and Chris Pramas (AD&D Guide to Hell).

The Book of Fiends provides profoundly evil foes your players will never forget. Level Ups (AKA stretch goals) will add new Player Character options, tie-in fiction, and more.

Why Game on Tabletop, and not Kickstarter? Green Ronin's Chris Pramas says --

"What’s different about this project is that we are doing it on Game On Tabletop. This is a newer crowdfunding platform and we are excited to launch our first campaign there. Game On was created by our long-time partners in France, Black Book Editions.

Game On Tabletop has a lot of great tools, most of which will be invisible to you but are hugely useful to us. The best thing about it is that it’s a crowdfunding platform and a pledge manager rolled into one. This means you’ll be able to take care of everything at one site. You can back the project, buy add-ons, and pay shipping all in one place. If you haven’t backed a project there before, we think you’re really going to like it."
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Russ Morrissey



I feel it's just like they heyday of 3rd edition when the d20 movement was going strong and the best products were NOT from WotC (aside from main ruleset that is).


The whole charge you now for the book and later for shipping is a bit off pudding, but I can understand. Not sure if they had a flat rate added in now for most places, if that could work. I imaging shipping is done through the printer and not GR.

I like GR books but will this contradict the core FR devils and hell's or complement them?
Handle it however you want. Every monster in every book is an example of that kind of monster. Maybe these are all unique, but for the ones that are the same....these are variants. For unique devils, maybe they appear one way in Hell, and one way on Faerun, and another way when summoned. Who knows?

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