Grimmerspace Has Launched!

Gritty Starfinder-compatible horror sci-fi setting Grimmerspace, which features writing by Sean "Sam Gangee" Astin, has launched on Kickstarter. It's a setting where advanced scientific civilisations encounter magic for the first time, and it doesn't go well.


If you enjoyed The Styes, an adventure in WotC's latest adventure book for D&D, Ghosts of Saltmarsh, you'll be interested to know that Richard Pett, it's original author, wrote a free Grimmerspace adventure called Abattoir 8 which you can download now. Also involved are Rone Barton and Razor Coast's Lou Agresta.

Check out the Kickstarter here. For $30 you get the PDFs, and for $40 you get the core game in print. Higher pledge levels even include the Starfinder Beginner Box from Paizo.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Have they said anything about the (alien or transgenic) PC races? Do you think the new sci-fi (or fantasy space) RPGs need rules for mind-transfer and digital immortality?

Lou Agresta

First Post
Mind Transfer and Digital Immortality

Have they said anything about the (alien or transgenic) PC races? Do you think the new sci-fi (or fantasy space) RPGs need rules for mind-transfer and digital immortality?

Hi LuisCarlos17f, at this time we decided to not explore mind-transfer and digital immortality for a few reasons: the lesser reason is Eclipse Phase (hey Adam!) did it so well as Superchunk77 pointed out; the more important reason is that its such an game-changing technology to do that well requires accepting the Copernican revolution it represents and, at that point it, it takes over a setting. You kind of have to do only that. It's not to say we wouldn't be open to a future sourcebook *cough*planning*cough, but we have other setting aspects to solidly establish before tackling consciousness uploads.

Hope that answers your question?


Super grimdark campaign options that are not Warhammer 40K.

Best of all, this is Starfinder compatible so another lifeline to Paizo.


I like the shout to Sam Gamgee, though you forgot to add The Lord of The Rings movie to remind those who did not link the names, Sean Astin the actor and Sam Gamgee the character in a particular movie role.

Remus Lupin

Well they are at 6x their funding goal already. I'm not thrilled with the Starfinder base setting, so I'm really looking forward to this!


This looks and sounds quite interesting to me. I backed it although I limited myself to the digital level. My Starfinder campaign with be over long before this releases. I'll have to save it for the next go.

This definitely has my interest. If only for the additional books. I can always use some extra locations and monsters for sci fi. However, I can't justify spending money on this right now, given my other recent purchases.


First Post
Exactly! First I saw this it screamed "grim and perilous" to me. Warhammer nostalgia anyone? But even better in the form of Starfinder RPG horror. This will fill a void in my fanboy life left by other, floundering, sci-fi horror outlets. Thanks for putting this together, Grimmers. You have my support and backing at $120.


Grab that free adventure if you have the chance. It's wickedly good. The artwork, the maps, the handouts...they did a hell of a job with it. It's Sci-Fi horror, so not everyone's cup of tea. But the adventure is a delight even if you're just looking at the layout.
My group isn't too big on horror games, but I backed the kickstarter after reading the adventure. If they keep up that quality in the other books, it'll be a fun read regardless of whether I can talk my group into giving it a try or not...

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