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Group Healing Surges


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The new Ravenloft board game has a very interesting feature - healing surges are a group resource, rather than an individual resource. The entire group has two surges (and some other tricks for healing without surges for low amounts of damage).

So, given that example, how much would the following rule change the game?

As a group, you may not spend more surges per encounter than the total number of PCs. Increase this number by 1 at 16th level.

It would primarily be a big limiter on having more than two leaders, and limit the more insane nova healing effects (Stand the Fallen, Healer's Mercy), etc, perhaps creating a more even parity between groups based on the number of leaders. It would be a bit wonky with certain niche builds like the Second Wind 2-5 times per encounter Warden builds (maybe, unless they can second wind without spending a healing surge).

It would also create more tension (some of it imagined) by making surge triggers a more immediate commodity.

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Playing a devoted cleric personally, I could work with this rule, using spells like "Sacred Flame" that dole-out the temporary hp without spending any healing surges would be a must in any group using this limitation.

The rule would no doubt be a roadbump but it doesn't make the game impossible, it makes it more tactical and strategic.

Good rule, smart idea.

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