GSL questions for Scott Rouse and Mike Lescault


catsclaw227 said:
Does this mean that online and software tools like DMGenie, RPGExplorer, or NPCDesigner are not possible with the GSL? I'd love to be able to make an online DM Aid like DM Genie for 4th edition.

So make it. Just don't include a license from WotC. Don't copy any text from the rulebook. And don't mislead anyone into thinking you are WotC or have their approval in making the product. If it's purely a mechanical dealie, I don't see a problem.

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No I read it to say that you can't tell people how to actually build the character but you can give then the tools to do so. You are just not allowed to explain the process. You can't give then a die roller. You can't tell them when to level, and you can't put in any sort of Avatar or Mini generator.

At least I know HeroForge Software will be forging forward into 4E. With out HF D&D wouldn't be as easy to play.

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Thanks to all

Orcus said:

Thanks. :)

And please tell Linae I said "thanks" too. ;)

You guys really, really did great. I've had my faith and trust in you for so long. I am so glad to see this finally come to fruition.


Scott, Linae , Clark & Morrus,
Your love for the game and dedication to the community are obvious and deeply appreciated. Thank you for keeping us informed, listening to our comments and answering our questions. I understand the respective business interests of WotC and 3PP, as well as the passion of the community; we all love D&D and want to see it thrive with compelling products and a dynamic gaming community. With so little to chew on these past months, much of the community's collective passion has been spent on speculation. Once June comes and 4E & DDI are released, I think the speculation and all that comes with it will quickly be replaced by more concrete dialogue and sharing of ideas. I'm greatly looking forward to it. Two questions:

Q1: What reaction do you expect from the community re 4E & DDI come August (3 months in)?
Q2: Under the 4E/GSL what do you think will be the most lucrative product lines for 3PP, and will more products go pdf ?
Again, my thanks.
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