D&D 5E [GUIDE] Battle On: The Fighter Guide

As I understood it - I use Feinting attack maneuver in the first attack. But benefit from this maneuver is showed in second attack which is a new attack with the possibility to use another maneuver.
Feinting Attack applies to the next attack roll you make. If you hit with that attack you cannot use a second maneuver on it, because that attack already benefitted from one maneuver.

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I'v read many guides, comparsions and no one is close to my idea.:

I have Halfling Fighter 2 / Rogue 1
I plan to go BM way with - no one can touch me.
Halfling lucky - much less giving advantage on me when roll 1

STR 10 / DEX 17 / CON 15 / WIS 13 / INT 12 / CHA 8
Rapier + Shield (+1)
Armor: In construction - I have breast plate or studded leather or mage armor (when sorcere gives me)
think about half plate (maybe later MAM to get +1 AC and dismiss DEX disadvantege) and we have forge cleric who can add +1 AC. And defense fighting style.
Because using Mage armor have same AC when I'll have DEX+5 (no shorter than lvl 6) and doesn't give +1 from defensive style

on fighter lvl 3 wil be BM an manouvers - for sure riposte, precision attack and maybe disarming (we play mostly agains people) or Commanders strike (have PALADIN with smites and Rogue/Ranger with poison arraows :D)

4th lvl - second chance - DEX bonus +4, 1 chance to reroll hit on me in battle (reroll 1 crit, to lower chance to hit me.

6th lvl - thinking about defensive duelant - If I cant use riposte, I can boost my AC. Or MaM to get flat +1 AC (total: 15 + 3(dex) + 1(forge bless) + 1(feat) +1 (defensive FS) +3(shield) = 24 AC good enough)
--here come in play second chance - really good chance to miss me and if they have hit (crit), I can tell "reroll" and have big chance they miss now.

8th lvl - vice versa 6

12th lvl - sentinel (or go earlier to help party? Heavy Cleric and Paladin can help defend Sorcerer and Rogue/Ranger archer) - or shield master (avoid dex save spells - be better not only attacks against AC againts me)

Than I wanna continue with Rogue to be swashbuckler (to 4. lvl to get 1 ASi, better sneak,... or to 8 to get second ASI and bigger sneak. I think I buy Adamantine rapier, so bigger pool of dices are powerfull)
not sure what else.. martial arts feat give me more ripostes, or anything else (and can do almost any maneuver if situation call for it)
At the last game I'v played 2 days ago, we had battle. Some undead flying monsters in cave. One of best shoving how my playstyle work. I'v go before entrance to the cave and party stay in tunnel. I've just dodging with 20 AC (halfplate + shield+1). 8 monsters with flyby attack were trying to hit me. Only 2 hits. And when I will come to 3 level of fighter (4 lvl total) Changing gighting style to defensive and I hope for weapon +1 to change forge cleric blessing moved to an armor -> AC 22 and riposte in play.

Now I'm thinking if isn't better take martial arts feat on 6 lvl to get 1 more riposte... cleric can give me shield of faith ->AC 24 - it can be hitted with 19-20 roll for most enemies and with dodge... riposte can be used almost every time.


First Post
I have one question.

My character is lvl 19 Human Champion.

My stats: STR 20; DEX 14; CON 18; INT 11; WIS 12; CHA 12.
HP: 194
AC: 20
Saves: STR +13; DEX +4; CON +12; INT +2; WIS +9; CHA +4.
Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting and Archery
Feats: Resilient (Wisdom); Great Weapon Master.
Magical Items: Luckstone; Vorpal Sword; Cloak of Protection; Plate+2; Elven Boots; Longbow +2.
Iniciative: +6
Skills: Acrobatic + 6; Animal Handling + 2; Arcana +1; Athletics +12; Deception +2; History +7; Insight +2; Intimidation +8; Investigation +1; Medicine +2; Nature +1; Perception +8; Performance +2; Persuasion +8; Religion +1; Sleight of Hand +6; Stealth +6; Survival +2.
Weapons: Greatsword +11 to hit, 2d6+8 damage; Longbow +12 to hit, 1d8+4 damage.

Shoud I put the last 2 points in Constitution to have +19 HP, +1 on CON saves and checks, and have +10 HP on Survivor instead +9? Or put +2 on Dex to have +1 on all dex saves, checks, iniciative and sometimes bow attacks? Or another thing?
Increasing your CON might be a good choice for Saving Throws, increasing DEX might be good for initiative, increasing WIS would give you a boost to Perception and others (most bang for your buck in skill increases). The Tough feat would give you another 38 HP, could be a great choice if you tank and since you don't have a shield.

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